Time to Try Something New

The other morning I was on a daily roadtrip to my 9-5 #atlantatraffic and everything was business as usual. I was running a few minutes late but that’s nothing new but something felt different. I felt different. I got to a certain intersection and I started thinking to myself, "maybe I should take a new route to work today." I typically take the same way to work because it’s the easiest way.  I know that route like the back of my hand. I could easily travel it my eyes closed. On this morning though, your girl was feeling like shaking things up. It was a feeling in my gut telling me to get out of my morning road trip comfort zone. 

Let’s put some excitement and adventure into my morning! Who's with me? 

Now I’m driving along with the feeling in my gut and the voice in my head, "Switch it up, switch up," chanting louder and louder. I am getting closer and closer to the ramp that is going to shake up whole morning and I'm getting nervous. I'm about eight minutes from my house so I give myself a pep talk. "OK sis do you take it or do you not take? It’s coming up and quick because naturally, I'm driving a little over the speed limit right so I am literally debating with myself. 21 questions running through my head. What if I’m late for work? What if I get into an accident by going this other way? What if I forget how to go this other way (because GPS is not a thing right)? What happens if everybody decided to go this way this morning? This could be a very bad decision.

At the very last minute I’m like you know what life is about taking chances and I swerve over and here I am on this new route, this new journey to work. Let’s pray that everything goes OK. Let’s pray that we make it to work on time!

As I’m driving along I have realize how comfortable I feel there’s no more questions there’s no more anxiety I’m just now taking this new route and I’m doing perfectly fine and then I get to his lunch Street and I’ve turned off of the 11 Major St. onto another major street and I am starts hitting no that is that your girl doesn’t have any cars behind her and she don’t have any car there for the heart this is the open street there’s there’s some lights on and it’s a major street there is a Stabley Schmidt‘s along the street and I’m kind of like where buy a sad by guy I go to work at a reasonable time other people are going to work also at this time so I’m like where is everybody yet and did I miss the memo are we not supposed to be on the street this morning and another sense of calm comes over me and I’m decide girl do you on the street already so we going to keep going

This all got me to thinking about life and the choices we make, the decisions we make and how it affects our journey to get to where we want to go. There are probably 100 different ways for me to get to work from my house but every day I take the same way because I’m comfortable with it. I know it very well so there is less chance of surprise. In life we tend to get so comfortable doing the same thing that it becomes repetitive and keeps us in a box and we might be limiting our chances of shining.

There are 1 million different ways for us to achieve our goals and to reach our dreams, we just have to be willing to take different routes and trust the process. Also trusting that higher powers that may be. As for me and my house we serve the Lord, I might cuss a little but I keep a mustard seed of faith which I believe gave me the courage to go a new route. that morning. Finding a new way to achieve my goal. 

Whenever you read this blog post whether it's the day or week I post it. The month I post it or a year from now I want to do three things for me: 
  1. Do something that makes you uncomfortable today. If you eat the same thing for breakfast switch it up. Take a different route to work. Listen to a different type of music. Send that text message you have been waiting to send. Maybe there's something you do at work on a daily basis that you can switch up a little bit and get different results. Just do it and take that chance.
  2. Write down how you felt once you do something uncomfortable. How did you feel in that moment? Would you do it again? What results would did you get from it? 
  3. The next day, repeat the same steps. Doing something else uncomfortable and write about it.
Let’s get into the habit of making those changes. Let’s get into the habit of living our best lives. Let’s get used to not doing the same thing over and over and over again. New experiences lead to new lessons learned. I bet you are wondering about how my road trip to work went. Funny thing, I actually got to work 10 minutes earlier. I’ll switch it up and keep switching it up until I am comfortable with the uncomfortable and I challenge you to do the same. et’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Remember that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting new results is considered insanity. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.  Leave me a comment below and  let me know if you switched up your journey or if you plan to switch up your journey or just leave me an encouraging word because your girl would appreciate it

I leave you all with the wise words of Mary Mary from my favorite song, "Go Get It," "If you wanna get what you never got do you got to do something that you never done."

Outfit Details:
Dress: Shein
Shoes: Nine West
Tights: Target
Jacket: Old Navy
Chain: Thrifted


  1. What a pretty dress! I love how you styled it! Xo

  2. Cute outfit, love that jacket. Yes it's important to switch things up and try different things you'll be surprised how you find yourself

  3. Stepping outside and trying something new is a great thing! Love the look!