Ready to Stare: In a 90's Kinda World

One day I was scrolling through my Instagram page and I  came across a post sharing that Ready to Stare designer Alysse Dalessandro was looking for bloggers to preview her new collection, In a 90’s Kinda World, so what did I do? I jumped on the chance to be one of those bloggers. I have been insta-stalking her page for some time now (Lawd knows I want a gold chain belt) and I knew in my hear that this collection was going to be nothing less than DOPENESS!! A few days ago Alysse sent me the look book with the new pieces for the collection and at first glance I fell ALL THE WAY in love with it!!

When I first heard the name of the collection without any preview or insight to the collection my mind went right to my four homegirls (and possibly yours) Khadijah, Max, Synclaire and Regine of the hit 90’s show Living Single. And low and behold that was one shows that inspired Alysse. The 90’s were all the way live and filled with great fashion and even better TV shows. Looking at this collection it has a good overview of the 90’s really were like. I asked Alysse what inspired her to do this collection and here is what she had to say: 

"I was so inspired by women I saw on TV shows and in movies wearing such bold 
and bright clothing and I wanted to recreate that feeling. I wanted to make 
a collection for people not afraid to be seen and who are unapologetically themselves.
The women of the 90s represented this feeling for me." - Alysse Dalessandro 
(pictured below in stretched PVC mini skirt and Synclaire and Overton Tribute Tee) 

So I’m sure y’all are like, "T. Danni! But what about the collection?!" Well here you go. This collection has over 60 brand new items and has everything you could think of to get a complete 90’s look. From body chains to handmade jewelry to skirts, tees, dress and more this collection has something that you are bound to love. The clothing sizes range from S-4X and the body chains sizes range from S-3X. The price range is really reasonable as well. You can find pieces priced from $5-$89. This collection basically has something everybody and they momma ‘em.

This collection will be available for purchase on Friday, August 22, 2014 which was yesterday!! So its now available!! Be sure that you head over to to check out this new collection right now, I already have a few pieces in my cart. Alysse was also so kind to include a coupon code for 10% off.

Coupon code is:  BLOGGERPREVIEW

Are you a 90's kinda girl?

Here are few pages from the look book! Enjoy!

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