1 Skirt 3 Ways: Not So Matchy Matchy

I have always been a pretty fashionable chick ever since I can remember. My mom made sure that I was always dressed to impress. My teachers would always say how well dressed I was on a daily basis and how I always matched. I remember having every color Ked's that you can think of to go with an outfit. Well the matching thing carried on to my later years when I started dressing myself. I use to be really matchy matchy. If I had on a red and black shirt, I had on black pants, red socks, black and red shoes, red and black jewelry even down to my under garments …everything had to match. The issue is sometimes I still have that matchy matchy tendency.

Well I decided a few years back that I was going to give up my matchy ways, throw them out the window…well I lied, but I did decided that I was going to start to step outside my fashion box and try my hand at mixing prints and colors to create outfits that made me just as happy as when I am matched from head to toe.

A few years ago I discovered from other amazing fashionistas and trial and error that leopard and strips can act as a neutral color. Kind of as if these patterns are black in a sense.  So to start fall off I have decided to take a strip skirt and pair it with a few different patterns showing that I don’t always have to be matchy to be fine.

I am going to call this series 1 Skirt, 3 Ways. This first look has to be one of my favorites. I was actually going to blog this during the summer but the summer really go away from me so being that I live in the south it’s still pretty warm and so this outfit is perfect for a night out during the summer or a fall brunch.

I have taken my stripped skirt and paired it with this floral button up top and pair it will black low heeled shoes and my black clutch. I added gold jewelry to finish the outfit off. I also threw on a purple colored lippie to bring this outfit together.

Are you matchy matchy?

Outfit Details
Skirt: Fashion to Figure
Floral Top: Thrifted
Shoes: DSW
Clutch: Forever21
Jewelry: Forever21

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