3 Ways to Holiday: NYE Dreams

Just like that Christmas has come and gone and New Year’s is tomorrow!! So let’s be real right now, we have all had the New Year’s dream where you are you out with friends and that special person in your life. You have on a fly, sexy outfit and as the clock strikes 12 you lean over and get a kiss from the one you love well for me that has always been a dream. I have never experienced that midnight kiss (maybe one day). I have always been around my loved ones though and I wouldn't change that for the world.

I have partied, I've went to church, I've been to house parties, I've been to the peach drop in Atlanta (side eye) and I enjoyed most of my NYE’s. This year, however, I have yet to figure out what I will do for NYE's but I know that I intend to spend it with those that really care about me.

My third and final look is the perfect look for a party, dinner or a New Year’s Eve date. I have seen velvet dresses in a lot of stores lately and I figured velvet must the thing this holiday season. I thrifted this dress almost two years ago and decided to bring it out to create this glam-chic look. This outfit really needs no explanation! It’s the bomb.com if you ask me. I paired this burgundy velvet dress with basic accessories because I wanted the color of the dress to pop. I paired nude platform heels and pearl jewelry with gold accents to give a classic look. To complete this look I layered this badass fur shawl over my shoulders for a look that’s sure to turn head.
Even though I have no plans I know that I will bring in 2015 the way that I’m supposed to.
How will you bring in 2015?

How I gets down with my bad self.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Nine West
Clutch: Thrifted
Necklace: Borrowed
Earrings: Forever21


  1. You betta #Werk!!!! Love this look! I gotta get my thrifting game up bc I attempted a haul today & came up empty handed so I look forward to scoring some tips from your blog ;)

  2. Slay!!! Please do a post on how to thrift. I love your finds,

    1. I have been asked about a thrifting post for a while now. I wasn't fully ready to post but I think I am now!! Thanks for reading!!