The “selfie” is defined as an image of oneself taken by ones self using a digital camera or camera phone especially for posting on social media networks. The selfie has become one of the most popular photographs known to mankind. No matter the time of day I get on Instagram I am guaranteed to see more than half of my followers faces posted on my timeline; any social media for that matter! Let me just say that some of those “I woke up like this selfies” should be taken after the crust has been washed out of your eyes but that’s none of my business though.

Now I am not a selfie guru or anything but I can say that I almost always end up with a few selfies that are acceptable. We all want to make sure that our selfies are top notch A1 so I have decided to give four tips that I have helped me achieve some pretty decent selfies in my lifetime:
  1. Angles. You have to learn your angles when taking a selfie. Play around with the position of your camera. Moving your arm a few inches in any direction can be the difference in an amazing selfie and broke down selfie.
  2. Lighting. Lighting is a game changer in the selfie game. You want to make sure that the lighting compliments you skin tone, your eyes, your makeup, your glasses etc. it will affect all factors in your selfie. If the light is off then you can look really drowned out of color and it will be a mess.
  3.  Camera. The camera that you use can make a world of a difference as well. For this tip I am going to focus on using a smartphone. I always use my front facing and back camera when I am having a selfie session. You never know which one will give you that perfect selfie.
  4. Flash. Last be not least just as you need to try both the front and back camera you need to try the flash and no flash option. That flash could you that right amount of lighting needed to give you that amazing glow needed to achieve you A1 selfie.
Hopefully these tips will help you when you are trying to take your perfect seflie as for me I use them all the time and when I saw this clutch at Ross I immediately threw it in my chart and knew I had to have it. It’s pop culture at its finest!

I styled my look around a recently thrifted long duster from my mom’s closet. I knew the second I tried it on that I wanted to pair it with white pants and a white tee shirt but the white on white was not working for me so I changed to a black tee shirt. I then paired my black motto-boots and multi-tier necklace to give this look a little bit of a hard feel. I pulled the look together with my selfie clutch.

What selfie tips do you have?

Outfit Details:
Tee Shirt: H&M
Pants: JC Penny's
Duster: Thrifted from Mom's Closet
Boots: Guess
Clutch: Ross
Jewelry: H&M


  1. Love the bag, love the look, love the post!! Fabulous!!

  2. Had the unfortunate task of having to take selfies for a website. Could have used these tips!