Faux Love

Valentine’s Day is here once again and you still don’t have man right? Oh well girl! You are still fabulous and beautiful so you should enjoy the day just like any other day. Don’t sit at home and complain about being lonely or bash men with your other single friend because that’s not fun, trust I know. Instead you should get dressed and hit the town with that single friend, or a group of friends and enjoy life. I use to be that girl that would sit at home, where all black and cuss the dudes I dated but then I realize, they still follow me on social media, let me get fine and post a few pics. (Lol) In all seriousness lift your head up beautiful and go celebrate the love that you have surrounding you now and know that one true love is coming your way.  

With that being said I decided to share a few day time activities you can do with your girls this Valentine’s Day weekend and I am even giving you an outfit idea to go with it! Now look T Danni has done the ground work for you. Here you go:
  1.  Go to brunch. Everybody loves a good meal and there are so many amazing restaurants in all city that offer great brunches. Eat, have a mimosa and talk about the love you share for one another. You can even do a potluck brunch at somebody’s house. I promise it will be a good time
  2. Go out to the movies and dinner with your girls and make sure you see a comedy nothing sad and depressing that will have you missing your ex boo thang. Pick a place to eat that none of you have ever tried before and enjoy life.
  3. One of my favorites, go to a Sips and Strokes in your area. That where you get instructions on painting a picture and bring a bottle of wine to sip on while painting. Sounds like a great time to me!
  4. Pick a place in your city rather it be the zoo, a garden, a park that you have never been two and go explore something new with the people you have in your life that do love you.

Now these are just a few examples and they work if you have a boo as well. Do something outside of your comfort zone and start to celebrate life, the people in it and the days you get to enjoy with them. As far as what to wear, I like to keep day time relaxed, causal but fly so I paired my favorite boyfriend jeans with a basic white three quarter sleeve top tucked in. I added a skinny leopard print belt for a pop of pattern and threw on my $10, yes $10, faux cream vest because it is chilly out. For comfort I keep it classy with a black strappy flat and accessorized with a gold chain rimed fedora, gold earrings and a leopard print watch. This outfit is so comfort but cute.

How will celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Outfit Details:
Jeans: Target
Shirt: H&M
Vest: Rainbow
Shoes: Lane Bryant
Hat: Forever21
Bag: Target
Belt: Dots
Watch: Gifted 

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