The Curvy Girl Chronicles Presents: The Swimwear Takeover 2016

Plus size women in swimsuits. Shut up! Yes, big girls wear swimsuits and it’s always a problem for people. I mean why would anybody that is curvy, fat, plump, fluffy, etc. be ok wearing a swimsuit in public?! Maybe because we love ourselves and we don’t give a damn what anybody has to say about it. That confidence, that self-love makes people so uncomfortable and I love it! It’s like why do I make you so uncomfortable? You aren’t in my body, you don’t have to be my friend and you clearly don’t love yourself if I bother you.

This year I decided that I wanted to make a lot of people uncomfortable. I wanted to bring together a group of bomb ass plus size women, who loved themselves and were willing to make some people uncomfortable this summer. For a few this meant stepping outside their comfort zones. To make it even more uncomfortable I wanted it to be a dope group of black plus size women because we all know that #BlackGirlMagic makes people more uncomfortable then plus size women. The outcome of this vision was The Swimwear Takeover 2016.

Introducing to you the ladies of The Swimwear Takeover and their feelings on participating in the project:

T. Danni creator of The Curvy Girl Chronicles.
Instagram: @thecurvygirlchronicles

"The Swimwear Takeover was created to promote body positivity, self -love and empower women to work together to create amazing things. I got together with other plus size women (a plus size blogger, a plus size Youtuber and an inspiring plus size model) to show the world that size doesn’t define you or what you wear or how the world see you. You should just be amazing and love you for you. I wanted to break stereotypes: black women can’t work together, plus size women can’t wear swimsuits or 2 pieces, plus size girls aren’t pretty and there are so many more. This represents my brand and my blog to perfection. As long as I can touch one lady I did my job."

Ramona O of Tall Tales by Ramona O
Instagram: @ramona_o

“I had a great time being sexy as well as having fun in my swimwear. Although I feel confident in my swimwear, it seems that other people still have issues with a plus size woman accepting and loving herself. It was great being with other plus size women, to promote body positivity and to show others that this is normal. We are beautiful and we are here to slay."

Tiffany Inspiring plus size model
Instagram: @beautifful6fter

"I must say that this was one of the boldest yet bravest things I have done in a long time.  As a tall plus size woman, being in a bathing suit while in front of a camera wasn't anything I would've ever seen myself doing in this lifetime. In a world where you're constantly judged or viewed as less desired (if viewed at all) because you don't "fit" this made up ideal of body perfection, it can really wear you down mentally, physically and emotionally and change how you see yourself. So for me this was therapy, a way to tear down that wall of negativity, body shame and doubts which I had built so high over time. With each pose, strut, and smile while in my bathing suits in front the camera and other ladies (who were also beautiful) I gained a new love and appreciation for each flaw and imperfection, I saw me. A proud, tall, sexy woman with a body that's completely my own, and that's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. So, in all what I took away from this experience is to stop letting this world and images dictate what I can and cannot wear. If you like something, be it a dress, a top, or bathing suit and it makes you feel confident, sexy or simply happy then wear it and continue turning those heads while doing so."

Rohey creator of The Plus Fashion Doll Youtube Channel
Instagram: @plusfashiondoll 

"I had great time at the shoot. I did something that I never thought I would be comfortable enough to do in front of the camera because I am somewhat cautious with my body. But there is just something about being in a swimsuit and in front of the camera, it brought out my inner bad gal. (Lol) My confidence level went up to a 100 with the help of the amazing ladies at the shoot. It made it more fun and comfortable enough for me to be my total self, which I really appreciated."

I just want to thank these ladies for agreeing to participating in this project with me. They came and they slayed!!

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