Straight Outta Decatur

A lot of people seem to think that I am from the big city of Atlanta, GA but I am actually this small town girl from Decatur, IL. Decatur is a small town located in central Illinois. I recently visited Decatur after 3 years and attended the Decatur Celebration which it basically a big fair with entertainment, vendors, food trucks, rides and so much more. I decided while I was there to take a trip down memory lane and visit some of the places I loved and remember growing up as a child. And I decided to give y'all a little taste of my history as well. 

May 16, 1989 a star was born right at Decatur Memorial Hospital aka DMH. This is where is all started. What more can I say.

Garfield Elementary. It groomed me. It’s where I started my educational career. I met my first best friend Joy in those hallways. I had my first crush and my first heartbreak in those hallways. I was made fun of but also uplifted by teachers and friends. I got my first bee sting and my first splinter on the playground. Sitting on the steps I could remember the lunch-lines, recess, the book fairs and so much more.

You know how some cities have restaurants that you have to try, well Krekels Kustards is that place for Decatur. If you are from Decatur or one of the surrounding towns then you know about Krekels. Some of the best grease burgers and lemon milkshakes you can get! They serve these burgers cooked on the flattop with cheese and grill onions, the burgers out with these crispy edges. You have to ask for lettuce and tomato but it’s not needed. Absolutely delicious! This was my first when I crossed the Decatur city line. As a child I remember going here and the taste is just the same. The chicken car is like a landmark for Decatur. Decatur is Krekels.

I grew up a church girl. Every Sunday I would be in my church dress, ruffle socks, patent leather shoes and hair done up sitting right by my mom and auntie. Every 4th Sunday I was in the choir stands singing for Jesus with the children’s choir. After church we would go over my aunt’s house and how Sunday dinner or my mom would cook dinner at the house. Church on Sundays is what I knew, I was baptized at this church, my mom was married at this church, I participated in church fashion shows and church dinners. This church helped raise me. 

Before I was school age my mom would drop me off at my grandpa’s house before she went to work and that’s where I would spend my days. He lived in the same that my mom and her brothers and sisters grew up in right on King St. Unfortunately the house burned down a few years after my grandpa passed away. I still have the memories of the house though.  

I have so memories of my town, good and bad, but I don’t care how many places I move to or how old I get Decatur will always be home for me. Decatur made me the person I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am STRAIGHT OUTTA DECATUR. 

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