Campus Dreams

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to go back to school shopping with my mom. Buying new school supplies, a new lunchbox, a new backpack (my favorite thing EVER) and of course new school clothes were all on the list. Now let’s talk about it right quick though. To be honest I was never a small girl, plus size has been my way of life for most of my life so clothing shopping could definitely bring a girl down. In middle school I wore a solid size 22/24, like 6-8 grade, so my clothing options were very limited. If I still wanted to dress like a teenager I could find certain places that offered juniors plus but it was a struggle. I could always go to the women’s section and find a shapeless tees and some stretchy pants if I wanted to dress like somebody’s single, homely auntie which I really wasn’t trying to do. Those days, thankfully, are long gone and my plus size teens have dozens of places to shop for trendy, clothing.

One of those places that I have come across is XeharCurvy. XeharCurvy has some really cute trendy pieces for my teens and for young adults so that back to school shopping, rather it’s middle school, high school, or college.  They were so kind to send me over this super cute jean top. Now at first, I will stay that this top had a lot going but after trying it on I realized that if I had this back 99 and the 2000’s that I would have been flyest girl in the school halls.

The top is made out of a light weight jean material which makes it super comfortable.  It has this really cool tribal print lining the v-neck that super trendy with the lace detail (lace up is still a thing right?). Then….get this girl, it has the cold shoulder detail (falls out). Can you see why I felt like it was lot? So with such a detailed shirt I wanted to keep my pairings simply and went with a simply pair of black skinny jeans and chucky black boots. A fringe backpack for added flyness and some shades for strutting around campus pulled this look together. I honestly felt like I could take over my high school in this look. It was something about the shirt.

How did back to school shopping go for you? 

Top: Sold Out
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Ross Dress for Less

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