Holiday Strong

The holidays have always been my favorite time of year. I love the magic they bring, the joy that spreads through people, the time spent with family and friends and I am a sucker for a good decoration. Unfortunately, the holidays can also be a tough time for people. Those have lost a loved one, those that might not have had the best year, those that are feeling alone, or those that just don’t like the holidays. For me, this year was almost a year that the holidays were going to make my naughty list.

Back in September, I found out that my department at work would be sunsetting or in simpler terms, closing indefinitely. Finding out that you could be losing your job right before the holidays was not exactly how I saw my holiday season starting off. I become so stressed about paying for school (my job currently pays for it), paying bills, benefits and the list goes on. I knew that saying in a stressed state was not going to be healthy and that I needed to find ways to make the best of situation. I am going to share with you all 5 ways that I was able to de-stress and enjoy my holidays.
  1. Pray. I don’t know if everybody I follow is saved but I am and I believe in God so the first time I had to do was pray. I prayed for peace, strength, and guidance. I prayed for my co-workers. I prayed for everything.
  2. Talk about it. I talked about it with my family. My aunt was actually going through the same situation so talking to her really helped me.
  3. Encourage yourself. Every day I reassured myself that I was more than qualified to find another job and I was the best at work I do.
  4. Find something that makes you happy and does it. I love to do DIY’s so I decided that I would start some projects I was putting off. I also did what I do best and put together so bomb outfits (hence this blog post). These things relaxed my mind and allowed me to focus on something else.
  5. Put in work to fix the situation. If it’s a job, or the year was bad or you lost a loved one. Find a way that you can make the situation better. For me, I had to decide on if I was going to say with the company or not. Then make moves to find a new position. This step can be last because it comes after you have refocused and become okay with the situation.

I could go on and on but these four steps have definitely helped me to destress and allowed me to continue to enjoy the holidays. This outfit makes me feel strong, brave and courageous as if I can do anything which is definitely what I needed.

By the way, as of yesterday, I was offered a promotional opportunity within my company.


  1. saw your outfit on TCF and then clicked over to this blog post. what a blessing - needed this today! God is able! Have a wonderful day Sis!

    1. Thank you so much! Means a lot that you took the time to read. Happy Holidays Sis!