New Year, Same Style

We’ve all heard the oh so popular New Year’s phrase, “New Year, New Me.” People use it as a term of redefining themselves for the New Year. They plan to leave all of their old self in the past and move forward with a new them in the current (maybe, I don’t understand). They become renewed when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st and January 1st , a “new me” enters the world. Recently, I have noticed people taking this same approach to their fashion and style which got me to thinking, “Can New Year, New Me apply to personal style as well?”

Everybody has a personal style profile rather they know it or not. What you wear might not be the most fashion forward but it’s something that caught your eye while shopping and if you look in your closet I’m sure you can find other items just like it. That’s your style. Now you can always change your style if you want to or upgrade if you have a good base and here are 5 ways have:
  1. Go through your closet and find your favorite 5 pieces. This will allow you to have a base for
    your style profile. You will be able to see what types of items really catch your eye and what
    you like.
  2. Before you go shopping do a little research. Look up the current trends, or find your style idol
    and see if what catches your eye corresponds with your favorite 5 pieces.
  3. Go shopping and try on everything that catches your eye. If you like it, pick it up, head to the
    dressing room and try it on. My number one rule to this is be sure that you are making outfits as you go. Once you try it on take pictures. This allows you analyze the look.
  4. If you are upgrading your style then you also need to upgrade those undergarments. Don’t be
    out here looking fly on the outside but your bra and undies are broke down. Not a good look sis.
  5. If it’s not broke don’t change it. You don’t have to be super trendy if that’s not your thing. You
    don’t have to change your look if you don’t want to do. You don’t have to do anything if it
    doesn’t make you happy. If you like your style then leave it alone.
So, “Can New Year, New Me apply to personal style?” Yes it can but why would you want it to. Your style is what represents you. If you feel the need, just revamp it but don’t throw the whole thing away unless it’s just a complete mess. As the years past there is one thing that I have noticed about my style and that is, it’s classic. There are pieces that I have had for years that I continue to find different ways to wear and style. Looking back on old blog post I continue to see looks that I could easily wear today but maybe with different shoes, or different accessories, or a different jacket. It’s the same me, same style just elevated. With that being said, it may be a new year but it’s the same style.

Outfit Details
Top: Here
Dress: Boohoo (sold out)
Boots: Ross Dress for Less
Belt: Old
Bag: Ross Dress for Less

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