Be Happy, Sis

Hey Loves and Lovers,
Did you see my most recent Instagram post this weekend or nah? If you didn’t then you probably aren’t following me and you should be but I digress. if you did see my post then you know that I had a whole blog post written and scheduled to for these look but decided 15 minutes before it went live to trash it. Thow the whole post away! Lately, my creative space has been out of whack not to mention emotionally and mentally I have not been in a very good place these past few months. I knew that I needed to post to stay consistent but I always want to share my truth with y’all and not just force some foolishness out for a post.
The last few weeks are when I really found myself in a terrible space. I was randomly crying (thugs cry sometimes too). I was feeling like unaccomplished. My sleeping pattern had been trash. I didn’t want to be social but at the same time felt alone. I felt very empty.  Sis, I just didn’t want to do ANYTHING!  I was focusing a smile on my face and forcing myself to act like myself. One day, I was sitting at my work desk focused but not focused and I was ready to just get up and give up but I felt something saying don’t give up sis, not yet. I decided that I needed to make some changes and quick because I was sinking. So I wrote a list of 10 things that I was going to do to stop myself from sinking and I am here to share them with you.
  1. I put myself on a shopping fast. Now you may say what does that have to do with you emotion and mentally. Well, I am an emotional shopper. I buy whatever I want. If I have the money in the bank and I am emotionally in a slump I will buy the mall and unrealistic for me and unhealthy.
  2. I started working out consistently. Going to the gym gives me a sense of accomplishment after each day. I am currently going 4 to 5 times a week simply to clear my mind. When I am working out with my headphones in all  I focus on is that.
  3. I have limited my time on social media. Social media is a gift and a curse. You will be fine one minute and get on IG and your day be ruined. I am strongly considering taking a week of SM altogether.
  4. I am making more plans with friends and family. Being around the people I love is a sure way to keep me centered and feeling the love. 
  5. I am saying, "No," to things I don't want to do. Always trying to be there for people or go here and do this can really wear you down especially if you didn't want to do it in the first place.
  6. I have a strong 5-minute dance party every week. Where my Grey's Anatomy fans at? I am straight Meredith and Christina out here. Put on your fave song and get to dancing.
  7. I write about it. I've started keeping a journal. Writing down my feeling and why I felt that way rather it's a good day or a bad day.
  8. I cleaned out my phone contacts (all but one number that I know needs to go but I am just not ready to let it go). I let go of old boos, failed online dating guys, and old friends. These were serving no propose and I felt like I was using them as crutches. When I felt nobody was thinking about me I would text of these numbers. That had to stop.
  9.  I've been playing with Sasha (my dog) a lot more. I mean pets family and they know just how to make you laugh when you need to. 
  10. Last but certainly not least, I have been talking to God. I don’t know if you call it praying but if I am on the way to work I turn the radio down and start my conversation. “God, listen. I have no idea what you doing right now I….” that’s how the talk goes and I just let it all out.
This list has really made a difference in how I feel recently and I pray it helps somebody out. It's okay to feel down sometimes as long as you get back up and keep pushing. My new this look screams happiness. From the yellow to the flowy dress to my favorite Converse and my fanny pack. This is happiness!

Outfit Details: 
Dress: Here
Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Target
Fanny Pack: Amazon 

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  1. Great Post!! Sometimes we all need to write em down to see where we are headed. You did that and are well on your way to Joyland. I do use shopping as therapy but I have a $20 limit for the day. Saying NO to stuff that does not give you Joy is key. Put yourself FIRST and everything will fall into place. Kudos!