10 Single Lady Lessons Learned

First off, how is it February already y’all? Second, how is Valentine’s Day already? *insert slow blink* 2019 is already flying by but that’s a subject for another day. Today, it’s all about the international day of love, #singlesawarenessday, or as most people call it Valentine’s Day. Me personally, I participate in #singlesawarenessday and I have for the past few years. Have I been on dates, yes girl. Have engaged in flirting, absolutely. Have I had any success, nah. Honestly though, being single has been an interesting ride y’all. Being single has thought me so many things, some good and some bad. Allow me to break 10 of those lessons done for you. 10 lessons I learned while being single as a Pringle:
  1. Going out to eat alone is all fun and games until an appetizer, burger and fries and 2 Jacks and ginger ales later the bill comes and you realize the bills on you.
  2. Watching Netflix and chilling is cool to do by yourself. Kinda…
  3. Being single is not a crime. No matter your age.
  4. You can get tired of Single Ladies by Beyoncé.
  5. Every break up song on the radio becomes an anthem even if you haven’t been in a relationship in years
  6. Texting your ex is ALWAYS a bad idea. They aren’t the one for you, Move on!
  7.  If you are going to go to the movies alone pick a children’s movie. The Incredibles 3 was pretty damn good.
  8. Pumping your own gas is cool until its 15 degrees outside.
  9.  Going out to eat with your guy friends can be awkward especially when the check comes. "It's separate." "Oh, it's separate..." 
  10. There is nothing wrong with drinking a whole bottle of wine on a Saturday night as long as you’re at home.
Being single has taught me so much more and I am still learning. One of the most important things I have learned though is how to exist in my own space and not feel as if I have to be in a relationship. After a certain age, the world around us makes us feel less than as women if we aren’t married with kids by 30. If you are feeling less than just know that you are worthy and beautiful and enough just as you are. If a relationship is what you desire, it will happen as the right time. Valentine’s Day is about more than about love for a partner, it’s a day to love yourself, you’re the ones around you and wear cute outfits.

Happy Valentine’s Day loves and lovers!

Outfit Details: 
Skirt: Forever21
Top: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Call It Spring
Earrings: Burlington  


  1. Love that skirt! Your posta are so funny.

  2. Such a great read! Love the honesty... and yeah that bill was high after I got done eating by myself. Lol

  3. Yaassss, totally agree! Like your outfit and earrings!

  4. Great post and great tips. Single life isn’t terrible.

  5. You look so pretty! This was a great post! Xo