House Hunting During a Pandemic

If you have been following me at least the past year then you know that I have been on the hunt to find my dream starter home since right before Covid hit. I had been considering purchasing a house for about 6 months prior but after a rent increase I decided to jump in and give it ago. I looked at least 40 houses, if not more, and only put in five offers that all ended in heartbreak. Back in October of 2020 I decided to take a break from the dog-eat-dog housing market and focus more on the foundation of finding my perfect starter home. 

Once I decided to put the house hunting on pause, I wanted to be sure that once I did pick it back up that I would be more than prepared (as one can) for the to-do’s that would surround me once ready. I am a person that appreciates lists being able to visually see what needs to be done. Thus, my house hunting check list was born. One the first orders of business that I put at the top of my list was to set up a saving account for moving expenses. 

Take the Burden of Packing and Moving Off Your Plate

Besides finding the perfect home, moving has to be the second toughest part of the whole ordeal. In my life time I have moved a good number of times from a child up to an adult and if there is one thing, I know makes moving a breeze is find the right moving company. In the past I have used my friends to help move me but as we are aging that might no longer be an option. That's where Gameday Moving Services comes into play. They offer so many of the core services needed to take the stress out of moving. Rather you are moving into your new commercial space for your small business or finding your home, this long-distance moving company in Athens, GA has you covered. One of the best services that they offer is packing your items for you. That is honestly the worst part for me, Having to ensure that all the glass is wrapped safely and securely, playing Tetris to get items to fit in boxes or even taping up boxes are all items that Game Day will handle for you with their packing services. Be sure to check them out! The list of services is endless. 

Stay Financially Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

I started house hunting at the start of Covid but I knew that I wanted to prepare myself financially back in 2018 for this major step. This meant making sure that my credit was A1 and that I know what my budget would be so I wasn’t shopping above my means or potential setting myself up to be house poor. A few ways that I planned financially was to reach out to a mortgage lender. This is such an important step! Even if you don’t think you are financially ready, the lender can tell you the steps you need to take to prepare yourself but you might find out you are already set to go. They also will let you know the amount in which you qualify. For me I told my lender the amount monthly I wanted to pay which then allowed them to decide the total amount I would qualify for. When you think finances you might think just the amount you can afford and your credit score but one of big items to look at is going to be your debt-to-income ratio. This is literally the amount of debut you have to the amount of money you make. Friends, let me tell you this will get you especially if you have student loans so be mindful of this. For me once I realized what my debt to income ratio was I started tacking this items. Paying more on my car payment, actually paying my student loans, paying down credit cards and not using then again, All of these things will start to help you in the long run just as it did me. Also, don’t stress yourself about this one. We all know that things happen so you have a setback just prepare for your comeback. 

Remember that Your Home is Out There

If I have learned anything about the house hunting it is the value to patience, especially during the Covid house hunting Hunger Games but that is what it feels like. It is tough out here in these streets and that’s the main reason I took a break from it all. Being outbid or not seeing the house that spoke me soul was starting to take a toll on my mental health. I needed to give myself some grace and realize that the house that is for me will be for me. It will be there at the perfect time. Now writing this is easier than believing it but I have become much more understanding to this concept. Your house is out there, you just have to give it time. The last thing I wanted to do or that you want to do is to buy a house you kind of like and be unhappy. A house is a major purchase so take your time and find the one that speaks to your soul. I know that is my plan. If owning a house is not your goal don’t feel bad about that either. You deserve what makes you happy. 

Let me know in the comments if you any house hunting advice. I could truly use it!

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