I don't know about y'all but if there is one thing that I have added more of to my closet over the past year it is athletic wear. With being on lockdown for months and working from home there was less need for going out clothes and more need for comfy clothes and as we have started going back outside, there is now a need for some new workout clothes if you catch my drift.

As a plus woman that has worked out for years I have my typically places that I shop for my leggings, sport bras and tops but I am always looking for new options. Finding brands that are size inclusive can be difficult so when I heard that Athleta would be extending their sizing to a 3X (24W - 26W) I was pretty intrigued since I know that they are a higher brand of athletic wear. 

I was afforded an invite by my local Atheleta location located in the Avalon shopping center in Alpharetta, GA to have a fit section of some of their plus size options and let me tell you, there were plenty in store (not just online because we know how brands love to limit us big girls to online only). Looking for athletic wear as a plus size woman there are certain things that I look for. The perfect fit, the options offered, and the quality. I need to be sure the sport bra is supportive, the tights stay up and the shirt is long enough. Let me tell y'all, Athleta did not disappoint in any of those areas and y'all know I give it to y'all straight shot no chaser. Athleta's plus size athletic wear really impressed ya girl. 

Here is the 411 from my point of view:


The sizing pretty true to size. I am a size 18W and I was able to get all pieces in a 1X besides sports bras which I had on in a 2X and the jackets pictured were oversized fit so I was able to wear a XL. With athletic wear, I think that it depends on how you like it to fit honestly. I am looking for a comfortable fit which some compression and all the actually workout gear gave me what I was looking for. I would say that if you can, go into the store and try on your normal size first that way you can get a feel for the sizing. 


Quality is a big one for me because nobody wants a pair of leggings that's so thin you can see through them. You also don't want something that is going to fall down while working out. Athleta gave me an unexpected quality and it was perfect. From the pants, to the tops to the leggings the quality is worth the price.


I was very impressed with the selection that was offered in-store for their extended sizes. I was able to look around myself and found multiple items that were in my size that was not selected for me to try on. I also enjoyed that the sizes are mixed in. You don't feel like you have to go a certain section where the big girls shop. This is store that you and your smaller friends can all find something. 

I hope that helps you pick the perfect piece from my friends at Athleta. I suggest something from the Allyson Felix Collection considering my girl just became the most decorated track and field Olympic athlete. All in all, Athleta has new customer for sure and I hope y'all will give it try as well. If you catch this post by tomorrow, August 13th 2021 then be sure to head to my Instagram and enter my giveaway and there is a code for 20% off of one item that you can use. 

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