Big Hair, Big Hat

The weather finally decided to cool off in south. The tree leaves are changing colors and falling, the morning air is brisk and the night air sends chills running through your body. It’s fall and there’s no denying it. This fall seems like none other to me and I have no idea why. I am excited for the cool air and beautiful colors of the leaves changing and especially the fall fashion! The layering, the tights, the boots and the hats! Oh the hats!

I have always loved a good hat or beanie especially when I had a perm. I don’t think I took into consideration that once I went natural hats would be not as friendly as when I had perm since getting them to fit over Shi (my fro) is a struggle. I would see all these bomb a** fedoras and beanies and they would literally have to stretch and pull and stuff my hair in them to get them to fit. I would see all these natural ladies rocking the hell out of a hat so I figured there had to be a way to make it work. This fall I decided that I wasn’t going to let Shi stop my shine.

Since the end of the summer I have been on the hunt for hats and beanies, specifically a good ol’ black fedora for the fall and winter months. I looked on online, I looked at the thrift store, I searched high and low and kept coming up short. After searching for weeks, I finally found one (several) fedora that caught my eye and I decided to make my first one from Forever21. It was reasonably priced, cute and most importantly came in different sizing so I was sure I could make it fit Shi.  I placed the hat in my chart and before I could order it was sold out! I called all the stores in my area and they didn't have it but one day it popped back up in my chart and was in stock! (Insert praise dance) I placed my order and 7 days later I was trying on this amazing hat. Now I was totally prepared to rig this hat up so that it fit over Shi but to my surprise nothing had to be done, I simply put it on, pulled it down and it fit like a gem.

Now I’m sure that this is my favorite hat right now and will be on the blog a lot this fall and winter so for my first styling of this hat I decided to pair it with one of my favorite trends for fall ( that never goes out of style) plaid. I paired the hat with a plaid button up tank, black bodycon skirt, black tights, combat boots and my faithful jean jacket. Since the hat had a gold chain around it I decided to add gold accessories.

Does your hair fit under hats?

Top: Forever21
Skirt: H&M
Jean Jacket: Thrifted
Hat: Forever21
Boots: Target

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