A Holiday Way: Dinner Party Ready

My favorite time year is upon us once again and I couldn’t let it pass without sharing some perfect holiday outfit ideas. I can honestly say that I am that person that as soon as November hits and the trees start turning colors, I immediately start thinking about the holiday season. The family, the food, the fun and the memories that are made around this time are simply priceless to me and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I am very fortunate to be close to my mom’s side of the family and we always try to get together either Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s  not to mention to see each other more than a couple of times during the year. But I also know there are those that aren’t as fortunate to have family around them rather they live far away or they haven’t stayed in touched or aren’t very close to them so I thought I would share some ways that you can cope with being lonely at Christmas. Here it is:
  1.  Have a small dinner or gift exchange with close friends. For me when I was away at school my friends always brightened my holidays because we would do a gift exchange and go to dinner. You can do a Secret Santa type deal or if it’s not many of you then you can set a $5 limit do get everybody something small.
  2.  Accept invites from others when they invite you to dinner and offer to make something. I know sometimes we don’t want to be a bother to others when they invite us over but if they didn’t want you to come then they wouldn’t have invited you.
  3.  Join social media group and attend events. You might be new to the city or just need something to do. I know my mom has been getting on me about being more social (she wants me to find a bae) so I joined Meet-Up and I get invites to different invites all the time especially now that it’s the holidays. So go out and mingle. 
  4. Throw a holiday dinner party at your house. I dream of the day that I get my own house and I am able to throw a nice dinner party and invite friends and family over. We will dress up and have amazing cocktails, food and fun. There might be other co-workers, friends, neighbors that don’t have holiday plans that would love an invite. 
There you have it a few ideas to keep you focused less on being lonely and more on the joy of the holidays. I hope this helps somebody and if you need an outfit idea for some of these meets or dinners how about the one I am wearing. While I was looking for the perfect holiday look I decided to shop my closest the best I could. I took my Eloquii Studio Midi skirt and paired it with a sequin crop top from Forever21 and it was everything to me! I paired it with simple gold hoops and necklace. A suede strappy heel and a sequin clutch to tie it together.

What do the lonely do at Christmas?

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Eloquii
Top: Forever21
Shoes: Ross Dress for Less
Jewelry: H&M
Clutch: Gifted

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  1. Great Look. You look FAB boo!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!