Outside My Summer Comfort Zone

For me summer was about wearing things that I don’t normally wear, stepping out of my comfort zone and learning to enjoy every minute of living life. So this summer one of the things I decided to start wearing were sandals. Yes, you heard correct this is the first summer in years I have worn sandals.

I decided that as I get older, I wanted truly love EVERY part of me from my head to toes which has always been a problem for me, not my head but toes, well my feet. I HATE MY FEET! I don’t think I have the prettiest feet out there so I always tend to wear closed toe shoes not to mention I just really like sneakers but that’s beside the point. This summer I decided to buy a few pair of sandals and break out of my comfort zone.

I took a trip to DSW right at the beginning of the summer and found two pairs of sandals that I really loved, one being this tall gladiator sandal. I decided if this sandal thing was going to work, they had to be cute and fly.
Here are a few things I found that helped me short my feet with more confidence this year:
  1. Find a sandal that you are comfortable with. I know that I needed a sandal that wasn’t a thong, had some type of design and covered a certain part of my foot to feel comfortable.
  2. Make sure to get the right size. I have a big foot, size 11 but in this sandal to prevent my heel from hanging off the back and toes from hanging off the front, I sized up to a 12.
  3. Get a pedicure. Getting a pedicure made me feel that much better about bearing my toes to the world. I had a cute color, shaped nails and soft heels.
  4. Lastly, make sure to lotion up, oil up those feet and legs before you wear your sandals. This just adds to the smooth, clean look of your feet.
I hope these tips help and if you have any please let me know. I am determine to wear sandals every year because let’s face is sometimes it’s too hot to be out with socks and sneakers on.

Did you break out of your fashion comfort zone?


  1. I broke my fashion comfort zone when I first showed my mid section. First it was with a lil crop top and then it turned into bikini wear. First high waist and now it like whatever. I found comfort in embracing myself slowly.

    1. Yessss!!!! Show that midsection! I been wearing crop top ands two pieces all summer too! Thank you for stopping by the blog!