Tall & Dope Meet-Up

Ever since I can remember, growing up,  I have always been the "tall girl," rather it was with friends, around family, or at school. My 5'11 frame has normally gotten me the tallest award, that was until I met Ramona O of  Tall Tales by Ramona O who introduced me a group of beautiful, tall ladies in her Tall and Dope group on Facebook. 

Tall and Dope is a movement that Ramona created to celebrate ladies that are, yep you guessed it, tall and dope! All the ladies in the group are 5'9 or taller and embrace their tallness. Within the group we discuss a number of things from dating and relationships, to clothing , to supporting each other's business, to just living life as a tall woman. a few weekends ago we had our first meet up at a popular Caribbean restaurant in Atlanta, Ga. 

It was great to finally meet these ladies and realize that I wasn't the "tall girl" anymore. We were all the tall girls. The experience of going out with other tall women was absolutely amazing! We got some stares, we got some whispers, we even had one lady say that we made her feel short. LOL. I loved every minute of it. If you are one of my tall and dope followers be sure to head over to Facebook (Tall and Dope) and join the group. 

Where my Tall and Dope ladies at?

Myself and Ms. Tall and Dope Herself Ramona O

Here is the outfit I decided to wear and I was in love. I am slowly transitioning into fall and it feels great!

Cardigan - Similar Here
Shorts - Similar Here
Tank - H&M Basic
Shoes - Old/Sold Out
Purse - Ross Dress for Less
Glasses - Chic and Curvy Boutique 

Gotta love a tall and dope chick!

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