We all know that summer 2020 did not give what it was suppose to give. There is no need for me to go into details, the Rona came in and acted a fool. The summer was hers and not yours. For me though, 2020 bought a lot more than house arrest and masks, I lost the person I use to be last year. I was mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in a place that was very unfamiliar to me. It was a place that drained me of the person that I was and drove me straight to therapy. To this day I am still working on getting myself back to the person that I use to be and I'm honestly not sure that I will be the same Tierra per 2020 but I for damn sure am going to say deuces to the girl that 2020 tired to make me. 

With summer literally kicking down the door, what better way to get back to me then therapy (still) but also doing things I planned to do in 2020 and doing things that I have always wanted to do. For this reason I decided that summer 2021 is going to be my summer to remember. I have created a summer bucket list filled with 15 things that I am going to venture out and do. Check it out below:

☀️🌴Summer Bucket List☀️🌴

  1. Take a road trip with friends
  2. Visit a winery
  3. Ride a ATV
  4. Try 10 new restaurants
  5. Picnic in the park with friends 
  6. Buy a new bike
  7. Visit an amusement park
  8. Get a tattoo
  9. Host a Sip and Paint for friends
  10. Go to the beach
  11. Visit the Botanical Garden 
  12. Master skating backwards 
  13. Go Parasailing 
  14. Make homemade French macaroons 
  15. Try a new fitness class (aerial yoga pilates, row class, etc.)

There is it y'all, my summer 2021 bucket list. Why am I posting it here you might ask? Because I need for you all to keep me accountable. As I said I am still actively in therapy and sometimes I feel like giving up on things but these 15 things are all things that I am going to give 110% to checking off. 

For the extra step of accountability, once I complete an item I will be sharing my experience right here on the blog and on Instagram of course so if you are following me click the link and do so. The only rule I am giving myself is that this has to be completed by September 22, 2021 which is the last day of summer. I know summer hasn't officially started but my bucket list is in full effect!

Let the games begin! Also if you decided to create a summer bucket list tag me in it so I can see what exciting adventures you will be getting into this summer. 


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