Tips For Finding the Perfect Home

If you have saved every penny for a down payment, found a realtor you appreciate and can trust, and put in your research, the time seems to look for your dream home. This is the fun part but it does come with its unique challenges. Even if you love the entire process of house hunting, the options can be overwhelming. Do you want to live in the city or the suburb? Are you looking for a colonial or a victoria home? Do you think you want a townhouse or an apartment? There are many exciting things to look into and it’s hard to not feel as if you are drowning in the possibilities as well as the options to look for the home that makes you feel as if you made it.

Talk With Your Agent

Of course, only you know which home is going to fit your lifestyle need, however, your agent will have a good idea of what is available for that on the market. Your realtor is always keeping an eye out for newly listed homes that you might love, the neighborhood you’ll adore but they can also go through a wish list and help you understand what would be a good fit or what might not be realistic or not. Be sure to talk to your agent about all the information that you are wanting but also why you are moving too. Are you looking to moving closer to work? Are you wanting to look at growing your family? These matter for your home and what you are looking for. A realtor can point these out or maybe you didn’t consider such as the importance of an on-story home if you are thinking ore retiring or a home that offers a function for your growing group.

Look Beyond Decor

Most people are not the best decorators so don’t feel as if you are being turned off by how they decorate. While the orange paint in the dining room might not be your style, don’t let that affect your judgment of what a home could be. Look beyond those garish drapes to the bones beneath. Is the picture window hidden behind them? Do you want hardwood upstairs instead of the stained rugs? If the deck of the new pool area you love needs help, already begin to research various businesses that can help you. For instance, Brazilian Wood Depot can assist you with some great hardware for your deck. They offer a variety of hardwoods that can make your deck pop including a popular favorite, Massaranduba decking. Massaranduba is one of the hardest woods in the world which lends to its incredible durability and longevity. It is also naturally resistant to insect attack, mold, rot, fire, and decay. Due to the wood’s fine texture, Massarandba offers great slip resistance.

Image: Brazilian Wood Depot

Look At Timing

Patience is difficult but you want the home to be the right way. Waiting for something to fall into place can seem endless but that also doesn’t mean you should rush into the home buying process. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with finding a great home but it’s best to look at timing as well. Do your best to take your time, look at every option and see if you can envision yourself in the home for years to come.

Take Pictures

While looking at multiple homes it can seem overwhelming. Thankfully your phone has an option to take pictures so take as many as you want, especially because the photos online might do the home justice. Look at what you love, what you don’t love, and file them into your phone to look over later before you make a decision. 

When it comes to finding the perfect home, some advice I can offer are the tips above as well as take your time, write a pro and con list of each home you see and go with your gut. The bigger, better house may not always be the best option too. Sometimes the perfect home for you offers more of a character and TLC care that you can give it. There are also home’s out there that are ready to move in, offering your new and inviting looks that you have been looking at. Whatever your option, take in each moment and enjoy the process.

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