"Fall" into New Trends

Fall 2013 Trends

I can't believe it's already September 2013!! Where has the year gone? Where did summer go? I feel like I didn't get into summer good and here comes fall but I guess I have to roll with the seasons. Even thought I love the summer months I find that fall fashion has a special place in my heart, I have a love hate relationship with it but this fall there are some trends that have made me love Fall a little bit more. Here are a few trends for fall that have spoken to my heart:

The Moto Jacket
A piece that comes back every year and wins me over every time. You can pair this piece with jeans, a dress or a skirt and tights and it will bring just the right amount of edge to an outfit.

Who wold have thought that plaid would be be back? Me! I love me so plaid. With plaid coming in so many different colors and styles there are endless possibilities that can be created with a good plaid piece.

The Military Look
Army Green, camouflage, combats boots and everything military has found its way back into our closets for another season. If you haven't found that perfect Army fatigue jacket, don't way about it, you have another season to score big and go to war with this look.

The Blue Hue
The color blue has been hitting the runways in every which a way and style especially the really vibrant blues such as cobalt and royal blue. So don't be afraid of this hue this fall. Blue isn't just for jeans anymore.

I have been rocking this look for years and couldn't be happier to see its found itself on the runways for Fall 2013. The beanie is a great accessory for the fall and can be carried into the winter months with ease.

Mid Heels
This is a great way to work heels into your everyday look. The look is sophisticated, classy and chic. The mid heel is perfect for any occasion whether it be a night out on the town, to wear to work or even to go to church. Take a break from the platforms and try the mid heel this season.

Animal Print
Who doesn't love a good animal print? This reoccurring trend has made it way into Fall 2013 and showed its paws on the runways. So pull out the leopard, the cheetah, the zebra and even the giraffe print because the fall is going to be a jungle.

What trends will you be styling this Fall?
Fall 2013 Trends by T.Danni 

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