Summer, Come Back to Me!!

Short shorts, tank tops and drinks on the beach are coming to a end as summer 2013 makes way for fall and it never fails before fall hits full force I always try to get in all my summer outfits that I have been dying to wear, which never happens.  

The end to this summer was rather the worst! I sprained my ankle (on Labor Day to be exact) and was out on crutches for two weeks needless to say I was literally throwing on the nearest pair of jeans, t-shirt and flats and calling it a day. Well on Friday, I was freed from my crutches so this weekend I decided to step out and hit the streets.

I have had these pants for months and have pulled them out to wear a thousand times but they have never made it out the house...until was there time to shine!! I decided what better way to close summer then with black and white and a hint of color. Fall officially starts on September 22nd so I am hoping to pull off one more summertime fine outfit before the wind starts blowing and the leaves start falling.

Are y'all ready for fall?

For those that follow me on Youtube, y'all know that I am nobody's MUA but I think I'm getting better. My face was beat or nah?

Pants: Forever21+
Shirt: H&M
Shoes: Target
Jewelry: Burlington Coat Factory

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