The Swimwear Takeover Round - Up Part: 1

Ever since The Swimwear Takeover 2016 went viral about a month ago, I have been receiving so much love and positive feedback and I can’t say thank you enough. I am truly grateful that my vision came to life and touched so many people. I have received messages about women feeling more confident, beautiful and amazing in their swimsuits and in life in general and it has made my heart smile. I got to thinking that I know a lot of ladies that slay in their swimsuits so why not do a round up for summer of some ladies slaying the scene in their swimsuits for the haters out there! I wanted to celebrate my confident women out there.  

So I took to Instagram and started to troll some hashtags (#goldenconfidence, #psblogger, #myswimbody, #fatgirlsbewinning, #theswimweartakeover, etc.), my favorite blogger’s pages, and even close friends and families pages looking for my ladies looking fly, dope and sexy in their swimsuits this summer. Of course I found so many that I loved that I decided I would need to break The Swimwear Takeover Round-Up 2016 into two months, July and August.

All of these ladies look amazing in their swimsuits and I hope that this gives that little girl, young lady or grown woman the inspiration she needs to be fearless and love her body. To the ladies featured for the July round-up thank you for being beautifully you and inspiring others to be so as well! 






  1. Great blog... and you're an amazing woman... ������

  2. So proud of you!! I want to be in the next year blog!!!!! Love it!!!

    1. Thank ou so much!!! And Of course you can!

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