Girly Tomboy

Skirts and heels are two things you would have never caught me in back in middle or high school. I was the definition of a tomboy and till this day I can still have tomboy tendencies. Never the less I have grown up a little and ever since sophomore year of college I have stepped out of my comfort zone and become a little more girly.

For my first look in my “Orange is the New Black” look book, I paired this faux leather skirt with this mint green tee shirt for a very youthful and playful look. Normally I would have completed this look with a nice pair of black platform pumps but opted for these orange heels instead. They bring that extra pop of color and some flirtyness (I might have just made up a word) completing this cute look for a night out.
I still have some trouble balancing in my heels and crossing my legs at the ankle but I am growing into a woman that will make my mother and grandmother very proud. In the end though, I am still a tomboy down in my heart.
Are you a girly tomboy?

Meet my dog...her name is Sasha.

T-Shirt: H&M
Faux Leather Skirt: Forever21+
Heels: Torrid
Jewelry: Thrifted

Once again...this is what happens when your
mother is your photographer and is
channeling her inner Tyra...smh.
Gotta love her. 

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  1. I am just now channeling the girly in me...I thought I invented the term "girly-tomboy" all I know is it accurately reflects my new style, which keeps my tomboy tendencies but adds that pop of girly that will make my husband