Free to Bare All

I remember the first summer I ever attend a summer camp at our local YMCA in my hometown.  I was so excited! My mom and I went shopping for some new play shoes, some shorts and t-shirts and of course a new swim suit. I can’t remember where we purchased it but I do remember it was a black tribal printed two pieces. It was fierce hunni!!!

Now I have never been anything smaller than thick and actually never had a problem with bullying or confidence until this summer.  See I was (and still am) the type that was always looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends so I went into camp ready to mingle. I just so happened to start camp on swim day so I put on my two piece and strutted out to the pool. Well that was all she wrote. I heard snickering and laughing and pointing. I didn't understand what the problem was though because I thought I was doing it. Well from that day forward I never wore any swim suit that didn't have the little skirt or a cover-up and I damn sure didn't put on a two piece. I felt my thighs were too big, my stomach was too round and my butt was too big. Even in middle and high school I would swim in swim trunks and a tank top with a sports bra under it and by high school I legit could care less what people said about me but it was still something about a swim suit that made me uncomfortable.

So let’s fast forward to now. I no longer care what people have to say. I would say that freshman year of college is when I decided I could give a damn about a swim suit! It was something about going off to school that made me feel free. I think that year I bought just one swim suit, a black low cut sexy thing it was! I wore that thing with so much pride for the next few years as a matter of fact. Then last summer I went swim suit crazy (and ended up not going swimming all year…lol) buying 4 brand new swim suits including the green and two piece featured below and this summer was just a bad. I am at 4 or 5 new swim suits to date including the black one featured.

I would have never thought that I was would be baring these thighs, this tummy and body for the world to see. My confidence was shot as a little girl from wearing a swim suit but I can finally say that I am free from the swim suit jail cell that I was in. I no longer care about the back fat showing or the cellulite or what stopped me back in the day, other people’s laughing and pointing. I am going to be free and love my body every inch and pound of it!! And if I want will bare it all on the beach, on the street or in my home. I AM FREE and it feels soooo good!!

So ask are yourself is it worth being locked in the swim suit jail cell?

Are you free to bare all?


Black One Piece - Forever21+
Green One Piece - KMart (Last Year)
Floral Two Piece - Forever21+ (I got mine last year but they had the same one this year) 

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