The Life I Want

Before you agree to do anything that might add even the smallest amount of stress to your life, ask yourself: What is my truest intention? Give yourself time to let a yes resound within you. When it's right, I guarantee that your entire body will feel it. - Oprah Winfrey

Ever since I can remember, I’m thinking it dates back to grade school, I adopted Oprah as my auntie. Now to me an auntie is someone that you can relate to and look up to at the same time. They have your best interest at heart. They aren’t as motherly as your own mother but more like a big sister that watches out for you but at the same time has that motherly instinct and I've always seen Oprah as such. With that being said, y’all can imagine my excitement when I heard that Oprah would be doing a tour and stopping in my city, Atlanta. Y’all should also be able to imagine my heartache when I saw the prices for the tickets (of course I wanted to meet Oprah). After seeing the ticket prices I figured I would have to catch Oprah another time.
Well on my 25th birthday my amazing mom places a box warped in red shiny paper with a big red bow on top it on my bed as I am rushing out to dinner with a friend (who's birthday happened to be the same day as mine) and to make a long story short inside was a O-Magazine with one ticket to go see Oprah and get the “Life I Want.” I was little sad that I would have to go by myself but I was so excited and grateful that my mom and one of her friends got their funds together to be able to send me to see my auntie I quickly put my only child ways into play to go alone.
In the beginning I have to admit that I was just excited to see Oprah. I could care less about “why” she was coming or what was going to be happening during this weekend event…I was going to see my auntie! I was on a high until about two weeks after my birthday.
A few weeks after my birthday I slipped into a slight depression, I felt that I wasn’t where I “wanted” to be in life, I wasn’t living the life I should have been living at the age of 25. I was mad, angry, upset and just disappointed in and with my life. Once I slipped into this state I started to research what was really going to be happening on the Life You Want Tour and I realized that this weekend was going to be EXACTLY what I needed at this time in my life.
The Life You Want Tour is basically a two day event where Oprah and her handpicked trail blazers provide you with the tools and skills needed to strive for the life that you want. The trail blazers were Iyanla Vanzant, Rob Bell, Elizabeth Gilbert, Deepok Choppa, MD and Mark Nepo. These trail blazers prepared presentations on their specialties that they presented to us in their own unique ways. There were only four trail blazers at the Atlanta weekend which were all minus Mark Nepo.
I’m not going to give away all the secrets and surprises of the tour but I will say that this tour was everything I needed and more!! Oprah was so real and down to earth. I felt like I knew her already. I learned meditation from Deepok, I learned that you have to find beauty when your at your lowest point from Elizabeth, I learned that God is the way (which I already knew) from Rob and I learned that Iyanla (who is the realest) that life is my friend and life is a "she." I met some amazing women, I ate some amazing food and I learned soooo much not only about myself but about others around me. I found that this feeling of being incomplete is normal for some people and that there was nothing wrong with me, I was going to be just fine. I was just trying to find my way. I cried, I laugh, I prayed and I cried and prayed some more but I learned so much.
I came away from this event ready to take life on by the horns and face all my fears and live my dreams! I realized that I might not have everything together at the age of 25 but it’s coming and when it does, oh when it does, I will have a testimony. I thank my mom and her friend for blessing me at the time in my life when I needed it most. I was down y’all but ever since that moment that Oprah walked out on stage I found myself pledging to myself to live and make my life the one I want it to be.
This weekend the tour is in Detroit, MI and she has 6 more stops to make including Washington, DC, Newark, NJ, Houston, TX, Miami, FL, Seattle, WA and San Jose, CA. I strongest suggest if you can afford to go and these cities are close to you then you go and get your life! It is definitely worth it.
Thank Oprah and trails Blazers!

Do you have the life you want?

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