1 Skirt 3 Ways: It's Matches...I Think

If you all read my last blog then you would know that your girl use to be the matching queen. I was matched head to toe on a daily basis. Well I remember the first time I actually stepped outside of my matchy ways and decided to try my hand at mixing some colors and thangs.

I was preparing to go to Birthday Bash which if you are from Atlanta, you know is a big concert that a local radio station has every year to celebrate the number of years they have been around, their birthday. I was going every year from high school until college. So like any concert especially one in Atlanta, you have to be dressed down hunni because who knows who will see you and who will be checking for you.

So this particular year I was just really coming into myself. I had lost a lot of weight and was finer than wine let me tell it. I had these jean capris that  I really wanted to wear but I had to have the right top. The day before the concert I went into my local Rainbow and I went directly to this green and white floral printed short sleeve blazer that I knew was made for me. Now all I had to do was find shoes so naturally I’m thinking let me get some white or green flats to match this. Well as walked about Rainbow I stumbled into their shoe section and found these bright yellow flats and I turned to my mom and said this is it! This is going to set this blazer off! This was the first time I mix and matched colors to create a bomb ass outfit.

Fast forwarding to today I am still trying to step outside of my comfort zone and match different pieces together. This is my second look from my 1 Skirt, 3 Ways look book where I am taking my stripped skirt and pairing it with other patterns to make something amazing.

For this outfit I have taken my skirt and paired it with a colorful water drop printed kimono (worn as a shirt) and belted it with a skinny belt.  I then paired it with black pumps and a black small wrist clutch. My jewelry is simply a three chain black and silver necklace and silver hoops. I added another pop of color with a dark red lip.

Am I matching?

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