And Where's Your Boyfriend?

“Hi My name is T. Danni and I am single and 25,” just thought that I would introduce myself to those that don’t know me. Now I threw the single part in there because at times I feel like I should introduce myself that way. It seems like when I turned 25, which was last May, everybody and I mean everybody wanted to know why I didn't have a boyfriend. Family, friends, co-workers, strangers, EVERYBODY! My little cousin even had the nerve to question when I was going to have a baby (side eye). And is it me or whenever they ask they always have to say, “you’re pretty so..., you're so nice, maybe you should lower your standards, you're just too picky, maybe you should try online dating,” like being pretty and nice entitles me to a boyfriend.  I feel like I’m an old maid or something at the age of 25.

I have had a few relationships in the past but CLEARLY none of them worked out. I have dated the liar, the cheater, the jerk, the one with the “wandering eye” and the list could go on. I have also dated some good guys, the lover, the friend, the romantic, just not the one for me. Being single does bother me at times but I have learned that the right one will come around when the time is right but God knows that I wish he would come on soon.

With the holidays getting closer it can be a struggle to go to parties and events where there are couples or where your nosy family is asking questions but I’m here to tell all my single ladies that it’s going to be okay. The right one is out there but while you are waiting for him make sure that you are the best that when the right one does come along you are ready to receive and love that person like you have never loved before.

For this look I decided to pair my boyfriend jeans with my green crochet knit sweater, leopard scarf and for a same same pattern mix my leopard skippers. Since it is a little chilly out I decided to layer my biker vest over the sweater which really pulled this look today.

The next time somebody asks you where your boyfriend is at tell them, “God is still working on them and me so we can have a bond like none other.” Or you can simply tell them it ain't none of their business.

Where is your boyfriend at? 

Outfit Details:
Vest: Forever21
Boyfriend Jeans: Target
Scarf: Ross Dress for Less
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Thrifted

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