3 Ways to Holiday: Night On the Town

Family is great to be around especially around the holidays but let’s face it who wants to be around family for Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years. I know sometimes I have to take a break somewhere in there. Allow me to be honest, I love my family I really do but they can be a little much at times so whenever I get a chance I do step out with friends during the holidays whether it be to go to a nice dinner or hit a nice lounge. It’s always nice to cut up with your friends.

This holiday season I’m not sure how much I will get to see my friends. Back when I lived in Nashville I had an amazing group of sisters that I hung out with so every year we would have a holiday gathering where we would exchange gifts, laugh, drink and be merry! For those that don’t know I attended college in Tennessee so a lot of my friends do live there and even though I will be there for Christmas a lot of them will be out of town. Which means I am still looking for a holiday gathering…so once again, anybody want to invite a sister out, I’m still available.

My second look is the perfect look for a girl’s night dinner or a date night with your boo before the family comes to town. I paired this black jumpsuit which I love with this tuxedo style blazer. I took a classic approach to this outfit and decided to go basic with the clothes and over the top with the accessories. I paired this with strappy heels, a bold statement necklace and pearl earrings and for those that live in the chilly cities why not add a fur collar to get you from the car to the door of the party. This is such a classic look and I am in love!

Do your friends have a holiday gathering?

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