Night Time Love

Some people consider Valentine’s Day to be one of the most romantic days of the year. Guys are looking for the most romantic gift and date night idea. Ladies are hoping that the guy finds the most romantic gift. As for me I would hope if I had a significant other he would be romantic at all times during the year but since I don’t have a significant other I am singing a different song.

Lately I have found myself dreaming about my future boyfriend/husband. I have had the wedding dreams, the dating dreams, the baby dreams and some more. I have revisited my past relationships and tried to analyze what went wrong and what went right with them. From that I have learned 3 things:
  1. I AM ENOUGH!! – I know sometimes as humans we have a tendency to down ourselves when we feel as if nobody wants us but we have to realize that God us in his image and likeliness so we are just fine.
  2. LEAVE THE PAST IN THE PAST – That’s as simple as it reads. Leave the past in the past, those other one, two or five guys (nobody’s counting) that did your wrong means nothing for that next guy that will work into your life. You have to give him a fresh chance to show you that the others just weren't for you.
  3. HE IS OUT THERE – When the time is right the most amazing guy you have ever met will walk into your life and make you forgot about those Valentine’s spent alone, those awkward family conversations about your love life and make you happy that God made you wait.
For my night time look I decided to dress for that sexy dinner date with my future boo. I have had this dress for years and just took the tags off. This dress screams sexy to me! It hugs my curves just right, the cut is amazing and if leopard doesn't scream sexy I don’t know what does. I kept everything else simple; simple jewelry, simple black scrappy heels, and just a black clutch. Since it is pretty cold right now I decided to layer this black boyfriend blazer and sheer tights. If I had a man I know he would appreciate all this loveliness. 

What have you learned from love?

Outfit Details:
Dress: Torrid (Old)
Blazer: Thrifted
Shoes: Ross Dress for less
Clutch: Forever21
Jewelry: H&M

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