The CGC Presents: The Swimwear Takeover 2017

We live in a world where being fat, plus size, overweight, fluffy, curvy or whatever you want to call it is seen as a problem. As plus size women we are always  told what not to wear, to lose some weight to be cute, that we are unhealthy, that we pretty for a big girl or ugly because of our size and honestly I am over it. Society wants for me to hate myself so bad because of my size that they talk some much negative sh*t about my body that they don't realize no matter what they say I love my body. Those stereotypes they placed me in are not where I will stay. 

Last year The Swimwear Takeover was a small vision I had to simply to show my plus size women and all women that wearing a swimsuit shouldn't be a fear or an insecurity that we as women have but it should make sure feel good and free . Well this year I wanted to do more, I had more to say, I wanted to crush those trolls in society that think my plus size body is not worth me loving myself.

This year for The Swimwear Takeover 2017 I decided to take it to the streets of Atlanta and put on a protest for  my big girls. Protesting our right to live happily in our fat bodies and afterwards celebrated how great it felt to be free from those stereotypes. I am so proud of the end product and hope you all enjoy it as well. 

On top of an amazing campaign I had the pleasure of having a swimsuit collection inspired and named after The Curvy Girl Chronicles. Designer Christian Omeshun was inspired by the swimwear takeover to release her first swimsuit collection full of vibrant colors, amazing prints and her signature ruffle detailing be sure to check it out. A link will be below. 

I knew to pull this off I would need a group of badass ladies to take part. These ladies were amazing and I can't thank them enough . Allow me to now introduce you all to the group of badass girls featured in this year's takeover: 

Alex Kairington, plus size model
IG: @alexkairington 

How do you over come stereotypes?

By definition, a stereotype is an overgeneralized perception of reality. Society has its on perceptions of reality, especially when it relates to the plus size community. The stereotypes of “you are unhealthy because you are a plus size woman” or “you would be beautiful if you lost weight” are absurd! Those stereotypes are driven by society’s view of “the model female.” However, I overcome stereotypes by simply ignoring those views and standing on my own truth with confidence. Confidence is a powerful attribute that silently speaks volumes for the plus size community. The things that the “model female” can do can easily be accomplished by a plus male woman. I overcome stereotypes by remaining healthy and realizing that my most beautiful asset is far beyond outward beauty and also not governed by an electronic scale.  Those stereotypes are easily forgotten when you stand in your truth. I continually remind myself that my confidence far exceeds the confines of my own understanding.

Crystal D, plus size fashion blogger and model
IG: @SocietyofHarlow

What does it mean to break down stereotypes to you?

Society attempts to divide and create a hierarchy based on our difference. Whether it's diversity across  size, race, religion, sexuality, or even personal style we have to actively fight against  stereotypes. I truly believe until there are no more "FIRSTS", ie. first woman..., first black... first plus size.... As a  plus size model and blogger, I fight stereotypes through  learning/knowledge, style, and fashion. I believe you should wear what you love!

Dals M, plus size blogger
IG: 6feetoffashion

What does it mean to break down stereotypes?

What isn’t there to say about plus size stereotypes? We can’t be beautiful, sexy, wear certain things, do certain activities? We’ve heard it all! And then to add being tall on top of that is a whole other spectrum. To me, breaking down stereotypes means ignoring the negativity and doing what I want - with confidence and no concern for what people think.  No matter what you do, someone will always have something to say about it. It’s up to you to have the confidence in yourself to bypass the criticism and let your light shine.

Ramona O, plus size blogger
IG: @Ramona_O

T. Danni, plus size visionary (blogger)
IG: @TheCurvyGirlChronicles

How do you overcome stereotypes?

I first believe you have to know who you are and be happy with yourself before you even think about overcoming stereotypes. By knowing who you are and being happy with yourself you are not allowing society to put into those stereotypical boxes based off your differences. For me not only am I fat but I am a woman and I am black so these three things put up at the forefront to be stereotyped. When I wake up every morning and I tell myself three things and I believe them, I am WORTH it, I am ENOUGH, and I am BEAUTIFUL. These let me know I am different and whatever society is going to throw my way I am strong enough to fight it. 

In the end this year's takeover was a success and just like last year I will be featuring my ladies looking amazing and loving their bodies in their swimwear in July and August. Use the hashtags #TheSwimweartTakeover and #TheSwimwearTakeover2017 or tag @TheCurvyGirlChronicles to be feature. 

Thank y'all! Until next years shoot...

Christian OmeShun Swimsuits: Here

The Swimwear Takeover 2017

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