Reese's Piece

Girl, I know what you are thinking, “T. Danni you didn’t give us any looks for Valentine’s Day, how Sway?” Listen Linda, honestly time got away from me and I had a lot going on but what I have for you is something better, I think, I hope.
If you have followed my blog and read my last 3 years of Valentine’s Day post then you already know that girl was (and still is) single as Pringle out here in these streets. I always give tips and tricks on how to get through V-Day as a single, independent woman which I do a great job at but this year I wanted to talk about what happens when the international love day has come and gone.
Personally, the day after Valentine’s Day is one my favorites. It’s the day that I can get all the heart shaped Reese’s candies for half off! Can I get a “yasssss” for the candies?! Along with that the great deals on candy, once V-Day has come and the gifts are given, the love birds have loved, you still have to know how to love yourself and keep pushing day after day.
For me personally, I fall in love with myself a long time ago after a terrible break-up. It wasn’t easy but I was able to do so. Here are a few things that helped and still help me love myself inside and out, day after day:
  1. I always start the day listening to, what I like to call, a feel good song. You might not notice it but music can really affect the way that you feel and the mood that you in. Throwing your favorite upbeat song can really make a difference in how you see yourself. Once of my favorite feel good songs is, “Just Fine,” by Auntie Mary J. Blidge. 
  2. Sounds cliché but I pray. When I feel down, or I’m not feeling my best I take time to talk to God a little longer. I lay out what’s on my mind and just release it to God. 
  3. I forgive those that might have wronged me. When it comes to self-love we often put that responsibility on others when in fact it’s us to have to know how to love ourselves. So when people do me wrong I have to forgive them or I will start to doubt the person that I am. Attacking my own character which is toxic.
  4. Lastly, which I have mentioned before, I speak life and truth onto myself. Every morning my mantra that I say in the mirror is: “I am beautiful, I am enough and I am worth it. Those three things cover everything that I need to make it through the day.
I hope these tips were helpful. Let me know what you do to keep your self-love intact and also don’t forget to hit up your local store for those good ol’ Reese’s on February 15th.

 Outfit Details:
Bodysuit: Boohoo
Jeans: Target
Vest: Boohoo
Boots: Burlington 
Hat: Forever21

It's never a dull moment when Mom is the one talking the photos. Lol

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