Beyoncé Taught Me

I believe that’s one of the greatest aspects of life is learning from the things, people and places around you. Lessons are what make each day of life different, challenging and exciting. One person that has taught me and probably the world some very valuable things is no other than Beyoncé.

Now I don’t consider myself stan for Beyoncé (because I am not arguing with nobody over her) but I do like her. I have traveled multiple times to see her in concert and she always puts on a good show. Seeing her perform live is actually what has made me a fan of hers. I was scrolling IG one day and I saw a picture that Beyoncé posted and I was like, “Come through Sistah Bey!” I knew I had to do an inspired look. Along with the look, I decided that Beyoncé has taught me a lot of things so why not share. Here are 10 things Beyoncé has taught me:
  1. Beyoncé has taught me that love will make you feel all types of way.  I mean she has been dangerously in love, drunk in love, and crazy in love. That’s some intense ways to be in love if you ask me. I’m just trying to simply be in like with somebody that texts back in a timely manner but those don’t seem half bad…at least according to the songs they don't. 
  2. Beyoncé has taught me that moving in silence can make the world stop. She has made whole albums with videos, commentary and a tour to follow without anybody knowing. How sway? HOW?!
  3. Beyoncé has taught me that I can name my kids anything I want. My favorite color is purple of Purple Rain might be appropriate when I become rich and my kids don’t have to attend public school.
  4. Beyoncé has taught me that shapewear is ok (don’t act like y’all don’t remember the picture where her shapewear was showing)! In the plus community and the whole body positive movement, we get so engrossed when the shapewear debate when honestly it’s a personal choice.
  5. Beyoncé has taught me when I get in a relationship, I need to watch Becky with the good hair. 
  6. Beyoncé has taught me that sometimes you have to separate yourself from certain people in order to glow up. Y’all can still be cool but being a group might not be the best option. 
  7. Beyoncé has taught me that no matter the amount of money, it’s ok to keep hot sauce in my bag, swag.
  8. Beyoncé has taught me that looks aren’t everything when looking for a partner. This is no tea nor shade towards Jay-z but let us be honest, he’s no Michael B Jordan.
  9. Beyoncé has taught me (which I already knew so I’ll say reinforced that girls can and do run the world. No explanation needed. We are popping and been popping! All my ladies stand up!
  10. Lastly, Beyoncé has taught me (which I also already knew so I’ll say reinforced again) that being a strong, black woman is ok. It’s actually better than ok, it’s amazing!

You can learn things from anybody that meet and even people that you have ever met. Just remember that life is about lessons, life is about learning and life is about experiencing. 

Outfit Details:
Jacket: H&M
Pants: Ava and Viv
Long Sleeve Shirt: Target
Shoes: Nine West
Sung Glasses: Sunglasses Spot

Inspired Look

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