You Should Be Proud

If you follow me on any social media then you already know that last week, ya girl, yes me, graduated! Yes, girl! I, Tierra Dannielle, graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a bachelors in Liberal Studies. After working towards this goal for 10 years, on and off, I finally got to walk across the stage. My family and friends watching me as I became an alumnus of MTSU, Class of 2018. Leading up to this moment, I had people tell me how proud of me they were and how happy they were that I made it. I was asked if I was excited. I was asked if I was ready. I was told how excited I should be excited and proud of myself. The truth though, I wasn’t proud nor ready.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I wasn’t excited or proud of myself when I should have been overfilled with excitement and joy. Then I realized that I had been working for this moment for so long that it didn’t seem real to me. Was I really about to reach a goal that I set for myself years ago? Was it possible that had actually completed all the required coursework needed to walk across that stage? Was I graduating? Was I dreaming? The answers were yes, yes, yes and no, sis you aren’t dreaming. Then why the hell am I not proud of myself and my accomplishments?

As I reflected on my life I realized that I am always so hard on myself that when I do complete something so damn amazing, I can’t be happy for myself. I reminisce about the what if’s and the coulda, shoulda, woulda’s that takes the amazingness out of my accomplishments. The weeks leading up to my commencement, I kept trying to be more proud of myself. I didn’t share the news with my family and friends until the date was closer. I didn’t post about it on social media. I studied, submitted my assignments and lived my life just as I did before. I found the perfect dress and shoes. My cousin picked up my cap and grown. The date was nearing and I was still not as excited and proud as I felt I should be.

The night before the ceremony, I was laying in the bed at my aunt’s house and out of nowhere, I realized that I was really graduating. I started to accept the fact that no matter how long it took me, how many times I took a break, my age that I had accomplished something that lots of people haven’t and I should be damn proud of myself. I was damn proud of myself! That moment I decided that I would no longer undervalue my accomplishment. I wouldn’t down my achievements to make others feel better, I would wear them proudly and share them boldly. 

I said all this to say you should always be proud of your accomplished and the goals that you knock out the park. Be humble but always know that you are amazing and you deserve to win the gold all the time!

I am a proud class of 2018 graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and nobody can take that from me!

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