Fat and Bougie at Coachella: Car Camping

Here we are just about 2 months after Coachella or #Beychella as it should be called and I still can’t believe I was actually there! From enjoying good food, winning a pair of Adidas, meeting some dope people, seeing some of my favorite artist and being introduced to new artist and of course witnessing the Queen Bey shut it down, it was an experience to last a life time. Not to mention, my bougie behind slept outside in a tent in 50 degree weather, used a porta potty, took showers in a trailer and lived to tell the story today sis. Which is why we are here today, I am going to give you some tips and tricks I learned from camping while fat and bougie at Coachella.

Let’s have a quick story time before I dive into why you are really here. When my best friend first asked me if I wanted to go to Coachella, I was like, “whoa yes sis, I am here for it.” So after we purchased tickets, I started to think to myself, “are we going to be staying in a hotel or Air BnB or what?” Probably the wrong time to think about this considering the ticket was bought but anywoo. I was informed that she bought a car camping pass and we would be car camping (dramatic moment of silence). It was at that moment that I know I would not be okay and that I needed to rethink my life. Hello, my name is T. Danni and I am the bougie friend. Camp, outside, sleep, porta potties, excuse me? Where is the shower? How did I wash my face? Porta potties? Shower? (Clearly the shower situation and porta potties were at the top of my priorities.) But sis, I am here to tell you that I made it and here are 10 things I learned:
  1. It gets really cold in the desert at night so you need to bring long PJ’s and lots of covers. A simple blanket will not due. I froze!
  2. They clean the porta potties every day around the same time. Luckily for me, I always caught them when they were freshly cleaned which was a blessing. Early in the morning and mid-day.
  3. Bring toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, Lysol, antibacterial wipes or whatever you can to disinfect porta potties and to clean yourself after you have done your business. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT TIP!
  4. There are handicap porta potties which I’m sure you’re like ok so what? Well, they are a lot larger than the regular ones making them plus friendly. You’re welcome.
  5. You definitely need a tent and air mattress if you plan to sleep outside. Point. Blank. Period. The ground gets cold and wet so you don’t want to be more exposed to the elements than you already are. 
    • Bonus tip – be sure that your air mattress has a pump attached or get a battery operated pump. I had to borrow our neighbors
  6. You can car camp and be traveling form another state. If you read my first Coachella post you know that we flew Southwest Airlines and they allow you to check two bag free so all my camping gear was in one bag. While my clothing was in a carry-on. Pillows, covers, tent, air mattress, a camping light and fan all in one bag.
  7. Understand that if you are car camping from out of state then you might feel really unprepared when you get to the camp grounds. Others had canopy tents, grills, food, coolers, chairs, it was literally like little outside homes. 
    • Bonus tip: You can go to the local Walmart or Target and get some of these items if you would like. Once we realized that we could check two bags free on Southwest, we decided that next time this is what we would do.
  8. There is another options for car camping called a Juicy Van (feel free to google) which is literally this van that has room to sleep, cook, a cooler and more. It’s close to glamping (glamour camping) which is definitely for the bougie like myself. 
  9. Showers…lawd the showers. Ok, the showers are literally in truck trailers. You walk up a small set of stairs and there is a changing area on side and the showers on the other side  like when you are in the gym. The stalls are little small, like I couldn’t turn around small but it did the job.  
    • Bonus tip: Be sure to bring shower shoes, a bath towel, a little bag to carry your items from the camp site to the shower. You can bring your outfit for the day or just a change of clothes to be able to put on to walk back to your camp site.
    • There are also super-duper showers which cost $10 to use. The first day we stood in that line for like 45 minutes and decided to just go through the regular line because it was moving way faster. The super-duper shower area has plugs for blow dryers and curling irons.
  10. Go with an open mind. The people that are camping are really friendly. We were offered food and drinks and chairs if we needed to sit. It like a big party before you even get into Coachella.
There you have it. I know this list was long and I could have added 10 more tips EASILY but these are some of the ones that I received questions about and that I personally was most worried about before going. Look if I can make it, then you can make it. I promise. Coachella is definitely an experience that I think everybody should have or at least the music festival experience like Coachella. If you are following my Instagram then you saw that the first round of tickets when on sale last week but there will be another round in February. Want to know anything else, just ask me. I am an open book sis.

Happy Festival Season!

Stayed tuned for the last part of the Coachella Fat and Bougie series. Outfit inspiration and the details for all my looks!


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