RECAP: The Curvy Con

Hey, Loves and Lovers! Your girl is still on a high from her weekend in New York City at The Curvy Con. Now if you don’t know what The Curvy Con is then you must be living under a rock so let me bring you to the light. The Curvy Con is a two-day event created by Chasity of GarnerStyle and CeCe Olisa that brings together plus size women and men of all walks of life. Brands, YouTubers, bloggers, photographers, influencers, and more come out to shop, learn from amazing panels, network, and fellowship with one another. The best part (at least to me) is all of this takes place during New York Fashion Week! Yes, y’all the plus size cuties are out here slaying with the best of them! It just makes my soul happy that we have the opportunity to exist in a space that doesn’t always accept us. Ok, I was definitely about to step on my soapbox but that’s not why we’re here, let’s talk the 4-1-1 of what went down during my Curvy Con experience:

Day 1
The Curvy Con started bright and early at The Dance Off: Fitness Session Presented by Target. Listen y’all, I  was expecting to do a little movement here and there but instead broke a full blow sweat! We started by warming up with Jessie Diaz and then ended by learning some dance moves from (drum roll please) two of Beyonce’s dancers from Coachella! Amari Marshall and Jore Marshall. They left us ready to try out for Beyonce’s next tour!


After a quick shower an outfit change it was time to head to the shops and spend some coins. Brands such as Jibri, Eloquii, Rachel by Rachel Roy, Dia & Co, SMASH Shoes, Rue 107 and many more had amazing pieces for us to shop. With all the amazing brands, my credit card might or might not be hating me right now.

The day ended with a Loft Runway Show and Dia &Co Showcase Panel with the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The panel featured none other than tennis superstar, Venus Williams (inserts silent screaming) and music artist Lizzo. Let me be honest though, I was not able to stay for the entire panel and fashion show. I was lacking sleep and damn near exhausted from traveling the day before. 

Throughout both days, there were different installations set up such as a #TargetStyle booth were two artists were drawing abstract photos of everybody. JCPenny Sephora had a styling area where you could get your hair curled or try out a new lipstick. BigFig Mattress was representing as always with a bed to try out and coupon codes. Plus so much more, my favorite part was the Instagramable photo walls which I’m sure you have seen rather on my Instagram or other bloggers.


Are you jealous yet? You should just be preparing for next year and if still need convincing let’s talk about Day 2.

Day 2
The second day started way more chill than the first. Day 2 is when all the knowledge was dropped. It started with a chance to sit in on a live podcast for Cocktails and Confidence which is the podcast started by CeCe and Chasity. The topic for the podcast was sex and they were joined by one of my favorite Youtubers Sarah Rae Vargas. Throughout the day there were multiple workshops and panels that also took place. A couple of my favorites were Level Up! Take your Corporate or Creative Career to the Next Level (With or Without a Job) Presented by Dia & Co lead by CeCe Olisa; Curves & Culture: Using Our Unique Voices to Inspire Fashion, Presented by Old Navy lead by Lauran Chan, Alex Michael May, Alex Larosa, Shana Harrison and Katie Wilcox. The knowledge and gems that were received definitely have me ready to level up and use my voice.

Day 2 ended with two amazing conversations. The first one was with Joy Nash, actress in Dietland. Talked about what it’s like to be a plus size women in the entertainment world. The second conversation was with Gabourey Sidibe! Yes, you read that right Gabby (I feel like we are friends now) Sidibe. She was amazing, hilarious and just damn dope!

The weekended ended with the JCPenny Wrap Party at Andaz. Drinks, snacks, dancing, and fun all happened that night.  

Girl, you made it to the end of the recap! Congrats! Now you might have a few questions like, “Was it really worth it?” and “Would I go again?” My honest answers are, “Yes simply for the experience,” and “Absolutely, I’m already planning.” This being my first Curvy Con, I went in with very few expectations allowing myself to judge the experience for myself. I was so graciously invited to attend the event by CeCe and Chasity which I am truly thankful for. With the short notice of attending though, I wasn’t as prepared as I would have like to have been but I made the best of it. The Curvy Con was an overwhelming experience for me. Networking with brands, meeting readers and followers, trying to not have emotional breakdowns from anxiety, the hustle and bustle of New York all took a toll on me but I wouldn’t have traded the experience for the world. I know what I need to do differently next year and it also lit a fire in me to push harder until then. I learned so much, made amazing connections and had a bomb ass time. Not to mention being around so many dope ass women!! That alone was worth it!  Before I left I told my mom, “I’m going to try to stomp with the big dogs,” (comment below if you know the reference) and she replied, “You are a big dog.” I left The Curvy Con feeling like I am a big dog. I say all that to say, rather you are a blogger, a Youtuber, a fashionista, a woman on the go, or whatever else you should at least give The Curvy Con one try. You never know what will happen in the city that breeds fashion. 2019 Curvy Con, I am ready for you sis!

S/N: The free swag that was given was just an added bonus! It was like going to Chick Fil A and finding an extra chicken strip in your box with you only ordered a three count!

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