The Last Outfit

Believe it or not, I have tried to write this blog post 4 times and this is the first time that I haven’t broken down in tears. Maybe it’s because I switched up my thought process or maybe I left a little of the pain in 2018. Who knows? What I do know though, 2018 tried to take ya girl out in the final quarter so I couldn’t be happier to see her leave. It hurts me to say that because so many amazing things happened to me in 2018 that I am sad to see her go as well. The last two months though, they were enough to make me pull an Auntie Angela from, Waiting to Exhale, “2018, GET YO SH*T, GET YO SH*T AND GET OUT!"

If you follow my Instagram then you already know what popped off but if you don’t follow me what are you waiting for? Anywoo, two months ago today, I was in a horrible car accident that could have left me lifeless but in the words of the old Kanye, “Thank God I ain’t too cool for the safe belt.” The God I serve and my seatbelt saved my life on November 3rd, 2018 and I am so blessed to still be here!

This is actually the outfit that I was wearing that day. It was taken literally 20 mins before the accident. This was the last outfit. Since that day I have been struggling to find myself again and find my purpose then I realized one thing: God brought me through that so I can keep living and keep following my dreams. I am not quite done yet and more greatness is to come. I took away 3 important life lessons from my accident:
  1.  It’s ok to not be ok. I was (and still am) experiencing PTSD from my accident. I can’t drive by the intersection, my anxious has been through the roof, depression set in and I didn’t want to admit any of this. I had to realize that even the strongest folks aren’t ok all the time.
  2. You have to talk about it at some point. You have to find somebody to talk to. Rather it’s family, a friend or somebody professional. If you keep it bottled up you will explode. It took me a good month before I really talked about the accident and how it made me feel. I honestly think that I need to talk about it some more (one reason I wanted to write this post) because there are still days that I don’t feel ok. I still cry, I have sleepless nights and all that. Talking about gets it off your chest and you start to fill lighter.
  3. God got me! Simple as that. I can’t explain that because it is what it is. As for me, I do believe in God but it you don’t, just know whoever you believe in got you. God kept me here. God has helped me through the process. God is that one.
Here I am crying again, literally, tears streaming from my eyes. I'm not so much as sad anymore but just still feeling the pressure and thought of it all. This experience was one of the most terrible things I have ever experienced and I can still feel how I felt that day. For my people who have been through something like this or another traumatic experience just know that you aren’t alone and you made it through. You are going to be alright! We are going to be alright! We made it through our experiences we can make it through anything. Let’s take 2019 by storm! Give it everything God has given us. 

S/N: Sorry if this was sad. I just wanted to share what happened to me because somebody might need it to. 

Outfit Details:
Top: Target Style
Skirt: Forever21
Jacket: Target Style
Shoes: Burlington 
Sunglasses: 99cent Store


  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing this post. Crazy what God can take us to only to bring us through! Keep living shinning and being sis! Happy 2019 and I’m looking forward to seeing you werk!

    1. Thank you so much sis! Here's to 2019 us werking it all year!

  2. Love you, girl! So glad you made it through! And this outfit is bomb! Keep pushing through, you’re in the right direction!