But I am Dope Though...

How often do we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others? In today’s society, it’s kind of hard not to right? When we turn on the television we see shows where people are living lavish lifestyles and we might think why not us? We go to social media and there are meme’s asking, “which is better or who wore it best?” Comparison is everywhere we look. Cardi vs Nikki, sugar grits vs cheese grits, Waffle House vs IHop, Beyoncé vs everybody and the list could on. The key is how not to get caught in comparing yourself so much that it steals your joy.
I have always compared myself to other people’s journey and I’ve done it without even thinking about it. “She found her husband at college, what did I do wrong?” “She graduated college in 4 years, why didn’t I?” “She brought her first house and I live with my mom.” Literally, 21 questions comparing my journey to other people’s journey. The thing is though, I have graduated college, I pay rent and could buy a house, now the husband thing is being evaluated but that’s another story for another day. Most recently, comparison stuck up on me with these Christian Omeshun wide leg pants. I took these photos back in January and was looking like a WHOLE SNACK okurrt! Then, I saw Shainna Tucker from Thick Girls Closet KILL the pants and instantly started rethinking my whole look. Like, “Sis, maybe you should have styled them this way and maybe you need to reshoot the look,” then all of sudden I realized three things:
  1. I am the person that God created and God doesn't make any mistakes! Comparing myself to others won’t make me them or even make my journey like theirs.
  2. My style is just that, MY STYLE and I am a whole meal if you ask me! I like what I like and I can post what I like.
  3. I am DOPE as sh*t!! I started looking back all my looks and projects I have completed and realized my dopeness is undeniable!
It was at the moment that I knew comparison would steal my joy, make me doubt myself, and want to give up on myself but the key is to find that mustard seed of faith and inkling of greatness to allow you to push forward. You are only as great as you believe you are! Now let me be real, have I stopped comparing myself to others? Not 100% but what I have done is took those 3 lessons learned and applied them when I’ve felt down from comparing myself to others. Call it my “Compare No More mantra.”
Stop comparing yourself to others, they aren’t you. Stop feeling as if you are failing, you are winning. Stop thinking that you can’t do something because so many others are doing it, you can do it too. Keep pushing sis! Keep striving sis! Keep believing in yourself. Your journey is going to be one for the books.
Comparison is the theft of all joy and I am choosing to keep my joy!

Top: Here
Pants: Here (tell them I sent you)
Shoes: Call it Spring
Belt: Ready to Stare
Glasses: Forever21

What happens when you don't break in your heels before your shoot. LOL.


  1. Great post. You are serving this look. I am so guilty of the comparison especially in the blogging & influencer space. I am working on realize that I am awesome the way I am.

  2. Love how fierce you look in this fit !

  3. You better work this animal print and chain belt girl! Yesss you are dope! Xo

  4. You are looking fabulous and these reminders are ALWAYS needed!

  5. Great reminders! GURL you are looking fierce🔥