LIFE CHRONICLES: I am Loving on Myself More

Have you ever woke up one random morning and decided to do something crazy? Something spontaneous? Something that you have wanted to do forever and a day? Well, that's how I woke up feeling the first Friday of 2020. I was in Dallas, TX on a vacation with a few of my closet friends. We had been there for a week at that point and Friday was our last day there. It was a new year, a new decade and I was feeling some type of way.

I woke up that morning pretty early without reason. I never understand why even on my vacations my body wants to wake up at the crack of dawn meanwhile during the workweek, I have to drag myself out of bed. Anyhoo, I remember reminiscing on 2019 and how tough of a personal year it was for me. I experienced so many curve balls and I choose to go through it all silently as a personal choice. In the words of Diddy, "I tried to call but my pride wouldn't let me dial." My pride wouldn't allow me to share and open up with my support system. I made a promise to myself at that moment that 2020 would be different. I would allow those around me to encourage me more, I would let them in more and I would allow myself that because I deserved it.

After that, I felt that I needed to commemorate the moment. I wanted to do something crazy without thought so what did I do, I looked up a piercing shop and decided to get my nose pierced y'all! Yes, I went under the needle! Not without fear and debate though. I have wanted to get my nose pierced for YEARSSS!! and for some reason that day, it just felt like it was time. I had made a promise to myself to let myself be who I want to be in the now. I was with some of my closet friends who I have bugged to death about getting my nose pierced and I was in a city that wasn't mine. Why not do something crazy? Right...

Sis, I was nervous as all get out. I talked myself out of it 20  times before I told anybody what I planned to-do and even after telling my friends I talked myself out it but my friends pushed me right back into it. We went to Deep Ellum just for fun and happened to run up on the tattoo shop that I had looked up and  I knew it was go-time. I walked in with 4 piercings and came out with 5. I couldn't have been more excited. Something I wanted 5 years in the making but made every excuse not to do, I had finally done.

This year, 2020, I want to do just want I did that Friday in Dallas. I want to make promises to myself and keep them. I want to do things that I have always wanted to do but haven't. I want to share not only my ups but also my downs. I want to celebrate my wins which I never do. I want to do all of this for me and nobody else. This decade is going to be one of wins that I never dreamed up and I can't wait.

I want all of y'all to do the same. It's our decade to win. Do the things you have always wanted to do! 2020 the decade of living!


  1. I love this...I’ve been wanting to get my nose pierced and I said I’m doing it this weekend...I’m no longer putting it off lol

  2. That’s so awesome! It’s easy to forget about ourselves. Thanks for the reminder to remember myself!