5 Ways to Save Your Coins and Stay Fly

2020 is the year of saving and being more intentional with our money. At the end of 2019, I was forced to take a hard look at my finances and really comb through them to see where I could cut costs and save money. After days of reviewing my bank statements, credit card statements I realized that shopping was taking a big chunk of my coins. I needed to make some changes for 2020.
To know me is to know that shopping is my coping mechanism.  When I am happy I shop, when I am sad I shop, when I am excited I shop, to celebrate I shop! Ya girl just shops and it got out of hand last year. Even though I am in a better place financially then I have been in a while, I have also been responsible with my money. I've always set a budget and kept track of spending but in the past few years, I have been a little lax on doing so. This year that all will change.
The goal this year is to cut my shopping habit by half which honestly is off to a really great start. I started in December of last year really watching my spending. Having a strong foundation of being money smart has definitely helped me with this new journey which has lead me to share with my girls (y’all) some tips and trick I have picked up when it comes to shopping, spending and saving coins.

Tips for Saving Coins:

Tip #1: If you are an OG follower/reader then you know that I started off on YouTube and my favorite videos were Thrift Hauls. I was the queen of a good thrifted look. So my 1st tip is to go thrifting instead of hitting your favorite retail store. You can save tons of money that money. Trust me. I started thrifting because I was a very broke college student but was still able to stay fly.
Tip #2: Set up a separate bank account from your primary bank account and deposit your spending money into that account. This works great for me. I only take that card to my second account out with me so once the money is gone from that account for the week then it’s gone. Give it a try or maybe get a gift card, like a Visa gift card refill it with your spending money. This tip takes willpower though. You can’t sneak and use another card because that defeats the purpose.
Tip #3: Find another hobby that’s not very expensive or find another source of income. For me that has been creating crafts which can get expensive but I have turned that into additional income. (Brown Skin Girl sweatshirt are available for purchase and you can follow my craft page here). This keeps me busy and keeps me out of the stores.

Tip #4: Find ways to sell your old items. I sell old items or items I no longer love on Poshmark (shop my Poshmark closet HERE) all the time. I have also started using OfferUp for some furniture pieces and décor pieces that no longer match my interior home style. Shopping these sites also will help with saving money since normally the items are listed at a discounted price.
Tip #5: Something I also preach about and have a whole month of content coming soon about, SHOP YOUR CLOSET! Sis you shop enough that you can create a thousand looks, I know it! The look for this post all came from my closet and minus the shoes were all thrifted. I had each piece in my closet for over a year before wearing it. Look in your closet, I promise it’s there.
There you have it ladies! For my early millennial women on the go! My finances became more important to me when I started looking for a home to buy and started focusing on fulfilling more goals. As somebody that likes to travel and experience the finer things in life I also want to set myself up for success. I hope these tips help somebody out. If you have any tips to share please leave me a comment because I would love to hear them.
Remember, “Do everything for the experience because what else is life about?”


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