Quarantine Summer, I'll Holla

Well, y'all, we are nearing the finish line of Summer 2020, and my what a summer it has been! It's the summer that will go down in the history as the quarantine summer. I don't know about y'all but I'm still in udder disbelief that we have been in a pandemic for over 7 months and counting. I was for sure that we would be over Covid-19 by summer and on to living life a little more normal by now but the lie detector determined that was a lie. So what do you do when the world has been flipped upside, you make upside down cake.

Once I realized that Rona had booked a one-way ticket and didn't plan on leaving anytime soon I knew the next step would be learning to navigate through this time as sanely and safely as possible. This has been an extremely difficult time for ya girl though. If you follow me on IG (and if you don't then you should be), you know that with COVID brought intense anxiety, skin breakouts from the mask-wearing and a bit of depression. It has also brought renewed spirit, creative flow and some memories to last a lifetime. In short, it hasn't been that bad.

Today I want to share with you 5 ways that I have been fighting to keep myself sane and finding normalcy during these uncertain times. 
  1.  Call and check up on your family and friends more. During this time I have been able to reconnect with some old friends and learn more about my current circle. If COVID has taught me one thing it is to love on your loved ones more and more. My aunt who is 76 even got an Alexa Echo so we can call her and see her face and check on her. It's been one of the best things since she lives miles away.
  2. Remember that thing you love to do but didn't have time to do it, DO IT SIS! I use to love cooking! My mom and I talked about when I was younger and Food Network use to actually be cooking shows, I would watch them all and then ask my mom if we would make a recipe from Emeril or a cake from Gale Gand or a 30 Minute Meal from Rachel Ray. During the quarantine I have gotten back to my love of cooking and let me tell you, I could have been a chef. Lol. 
  3. Take a staycation or a safe trip somewhere. Even though some of the world has locked us out, try traveling to your neighboring state or to see family or to a close city that you have never visit. Just od it safely. Take your mask, hand sanitizer and Lysol and keep your distance. You can still relax during this time. I have been to see my Nashville family twice and will be heading to Illinois in the next few weeks to see some other family. 
  4. Try something new. I have been playing around with different crafts. (You can follow my crafting IG here.) And let me tell you I have fallen in love! I have even made a few dollars from it which is ways a great thing. Try yoga (which I love too), or painting or journaling or even cooking. It will keep your mind clear for a time and allow positive energy to flow. 
  5. BREATHE! Allow yourself the time and space to just breathe and meditate. Allow the negative to be exhaled and the positive to be inhaled. I haven't been able to meditate as much as I would like but I will be working on setting a new schedule for myself that will allow me the time to do so and I think you should too. 
How are we feeling about those tips?  Have you started doing things differently during COVID that has allowed you peace and positive vibes? I think for me I expected to come out of this foolishness a brand new person when in fact I just want to be a better version of my current self. Not putting too much pressure on myself but putting just enough pressure that a diamond produces.

Covid has also allowed me to get back to blogging and creating content which I have always loved. Here's to the ending of Quarantine Summer and the beginning of  Fall. A new season will bring new blesses. 

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