7 Tools to Make Crafting Easier

Crafting and DIY-ing (do it yourself) has always been a major part of my life so much that I decided to start a small business called Crafts by Tdanni. For me, being able to create a craft or a home decor by hand for somebody's home fills me with a spark of joy that can't really be explained. It allows me to be able to express my creativity in a way that makes others smile and I love that feeling. For as long as I can remember I have been a crafter. I remember being assigned those take home projects in grade school and always having the most elaborate ideas that I would have to make come to life which always the part that brought out the side of me that helps Crafts by TDanni run smoothly. 

Being able to craft and create DIY projects is something that I pride myself on so much that even in the home searching process, in each house I visit, I think of ways that I will be able to customize that home and make it my own with my personal projects. From updating the paint, to redoing the floors, to even complete renovations of the bathrooms my mind always running on crafter mood. 

One question that I alway get from others about crafter is what does it take to start crafting or what tools do I recommend. This is a questions that I think varies depending on the crafter or DIY-er that you ask. Today I thought that I would share 7 tools that I think every person should have for those small projects to those larger than life projects. 

7 Tools for Every Crafter

I would say that more than 80% of my home projects, I turn to a quality glue gun for bonding materials together. I own 5 different glue guns at the moment and I have been considering investing in a cordless glue gun for projects that I complete not near an outlet plug. There are many different glue guns that you can purchase whether they are high heat or low heat, small or large, plus the hundreds of brands out there.

If a tool could be label essential this would be the one y'all! It makes those bigger nail projects so mush easier than a hammer could never do. Now I don't use this one as often in my smaller business crafts but around the house large DIY renovations and crafts, it is a must! You do have to be extra careful with this one though. Safety is always first so get you a pair of protective glasses when using this one.  

The convenience  of  an automatic sander is unmatched truthfully. After spending hours on end sanding a down wood for a stove cover I decided to take the plunge and purchase an automatic sander from Amazon and let me tell you it was the BEST investment I have made towards my crafting and DIY lifestyle. Being able to sand wood within minutes verses hours allows you to speed up your crafting process. Sanders can be used for much more than wood. I sand paint off of items or even use it to distress items as well. 

Even you aren't a crafter, I believe that every home should have a drill/drawer. Using it for those projects around the house such as changing out the door nobs or putting together furniture or even changing the fixtures about the house this is a must have. As a crafter that does a lot of wood crafts I use it often for my business a will. A drill makes things that much easier, trust me.

A jigsaw is a great starter saw for any household. It gives you the ability to cut small in your projects either big or small. You might decided to renovate your kitchen or bathroom need to make a cutout for your sink in the countertop, this would be the tool for you. Maybe you are redoing your hardwood floors and need pieces cut to fit that small space, this could be your tool. Believe me when I say you will be using this tool more often than you know. 

This the big boy right here! This is tool is the one for when you decided that you are taking your DIY-ing and crafting  to the next level. Those big renovation projects around the house that you have decided to take on might require some heavy duty wood cutting. A panel saw is just what you will need. This saw is going to give you ability to cut those large pieces of plywood and other pieces of lumber to do a multitude of project. I have always wanted to build my own kitchen table and after I purchase my first home this saw will be on my home warming gift list. Check out my friends at Saw Trax. They are awesome company based right in Atlanta, GA. They offer a variety of tools and saws to get those home projects and crafts completed around the house as well as dolly door for moving those heavier items around the house. 

If crafting has taught me anything it is patience. Some projects will be quick which is why I suggested tools that have made crafting easier for me and cut down on the time it takes for certain steps. Other projects thought will take weeks or maybe months to complete. You will miss up and you will have to start over at times but do not give up. Keep pushing. You can save money and get the job done the way you want if you complete it yourself. Now let's be honest, some things you might have to hire help but you can definitely do some the work yourself. 

There you have it. My 6 tools needed to get you started with any project big or small. Do you think you are ready to start crafting and doing hone project? I think you are. I believe in you but the key is to believe in yourself. Just know that crafting takes times but the joy and sense of accomplishment that you will get once the project is complete is unmasked, trust me on that one. But now if you decided crafting is not for you be sure to check out Crafts by TDanni because I will get you right because is crafting is wrong, I don't want to be right. 

Thank you to my friends at Sax Trax for sponsoring this post. Be sure to check them out for all of your saw needs.  

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