As I was browsing Beyonce's internet this morning I came across a meme that said, "Air Max Day is the super bowl for sneaker heads." And my immediate response, "Where is the lie?" I promise if I could have double tapped 1000 times I surely would have. If you are unfamiliar on what Air Max Day is, allow me to learn you something right quick. 

What is Air Max Day?

Air Max Day is the day that we, sneaker heads and sneaker lovers alike, give the Nike Air Max styles their flowers. The day that we put away our Jordans, our Dunks, and any other Nikes to shine light on the Air Max. March 26th is when you find your sneaker friends switching up their show game.You maybe asking yourself, "Whats the fuss surrounding this shoe?" Well the Air Max is the first Nike shoe to feature visible air pockets in the sole of the shoe. Today there are about 20 different styles of Air Max. I told you it would a quick lesson. Now this year the celebration was one for the books. 

The 2022 Air Max Day Celebration

My good sis Melissa of FabGlance extended an invitation for me to join her Air Max shoot which takes place in Nashville, TN. For the past couple of years she has gathered up some of her favorite sneaker loving content creators to produce amazing visuals. This year we did just that! 

I took the short 3 or so hour drive up to Nashville (which if you been around, then you already know that's my second home) and myself, Melissa and my other good blogger sis CaNesha of CrownedCaNesha took over the Tennessee State Capital with a brunch of black girl magic and cute sneakers to create something amazing. Of course we didn't do it alone, Melissa enlisted the services of an amazing videographer, Silas of ShotsXSi and amazing photographer Desarae of Moments by Mama Bear Photography. Between their skill and our personalities, magic was created. Take a look for yourself...



LISTEN! I told y'all, MAGIC! And if you don't agree then you are on the wrong corner of the internet. For me, this is part of what this blogging journey is about, creating over competing. Meeting these two amazing women from Nashville has been one of the highlights of my blog career. We keep each other sane in this world of content creation which if you allow it will take you OUT! I can talk to them about life, influencing, sneakers plus more. I am grateful to have met them and even more grateful that Melissa extended the invite for me to take part of Air Max Day 2022 shoot. 

Be sure to check out each of our instagram pages and blogs because y'all already know we have more content to drop from the shoot. This Air Max Day was one for the books and I can't wait until next year. It's the Super Bowl for sneaker lovers and sneakers heads and everybody won!

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