Everybody Say Blessed

"We're blessed in the spirit. We're blessed in the field. We're blessed when we come and when we go. We cast down every strong hold, sickness and poverty must cease for the devil is defeated...we are BLESSED!"
-          Fred Hammond

Last weekend my pastor celebrated his 25th year of pastoral services in the AME church and when I say that we showed out for God from Wednesday to Sunday!! I was unable to attend certain events due to my work schedule (working nights are not for me) but when I saw that Grammy award winning gospel singer John P. Kee would be gracing our church with a concert, I knew that I had find a way to get off.  It just so happened that I had to make a trip to the orthopedic for my sprained ankle and was able to take off that day. 

After leaving the orthopedic and hearing the words, "surgery in the future," I decided to wear my "BLESSED” t-shirt because regardless of the possibility of surgery I was able to walk out of there with both feet and just a brace on one. Day after day I realize how blessed I am and the favor that God shows over my life. I have been through so much but God continues to pull me through test after test after test and to really know and feel blessed is something that I will never take for granted. 

Count your blessing on a daily basis and realize that He did not have to do it for you but He did. 

Have you counted your blessing today? 

Blessed T-Shirt : DIY
Skirt: Target
Leopard Scarf (used as a belt): H&M
Gold Necklace: Charming Charley's
Simple Black Flats (not pictured): Payless

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