Ready for War

Growing up I was a military brat so camouflage is nothing new to me. Ever since I can remember I have been sporting camouflage from being a soldier at Halloween to high school when I had every color camouflage pants you can think of.  You can imagine how I felt when I found out that camouflage would be making its way back into the trends for this fall.

Last year, I searched EVERYWHERE for a camouflage jacket after realizing my elementary Halloween costume was a bit too small. J I called some of my momma’s friends that are retired Army, I looked online, I went to army surplus stores and had no luck for months. After almost giving up and hours of thrifting in Atlanta I came up on this camouflage jacket at Value Village for 5 bucks!
I have been rocking this jacket ever since I purchased it and recently just came up on another one at a local thrift store so you can trust and believe that I intend to take this camo trend to the end and back.
I paired my camo jacket with a jean shirt, wet look leggings, a leopard print bowtie and my Nike blazers. I am a sporty chic type of chick so this outfit was right up my alley and I felt real kick ass in it! Ready for war you can say. I even tried a little bit of mixing prints…check me out!! Lol.

Buffalo soldier, I thought I told ya!

Are you going to release your inner soldier this fall?

Jacket: Thrifted
Jean Shirt: Thrifted
Wet Look Leggings: Asos Inspired Curve Line
Nike Blazers: Footlocker
Black Wrist Clutch: Dots
Bowtie: DIY
Silver Hoops: Local Beauty Supply Store


  1. Just arrived on your blog! Really Amazing and your outfit is really cute!!!


  2. I love the look... Alright buffalo soldier.... lol