Loving on Myself

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and the lovely dove messages between couples on social media have taken a back burner and all of the 50% chocolate is off the shelves, there is no better time to start focusing on the loving the most important person in your life, YOURSELF! We hear it all the time and it becomes so cliché but let’s be honest right quick, you cannot love anybody else until you truly love yourself.  

Self-love can be tricky thing. You don’t always have to be in the best mode or always have the highest level of confidence. To me it’s about finding a way to get back to loving myself when I have those low moments. I have found three daily reminders that helped me love myself:
  1. I am worth it. Simply meaning, I am worth everything I want out of life. I am worth achieving my goals. I am worth being treated like the queen I am. I AM WORTH IT!
  2.  I am enough. The way I am is enough. I don’t have to make more money, have more followers on social media. I am able to live by my own rules and I will be loved. I AM ENOUGH!
  3. I am beautiful. Inside and out, I am beautiful. No matter my weight, my skin color, the length of my hair or any of those other standards set my society, I AM BEAUTIFUL!

Telling myself these three things everyday has really allowed me to fight harder for myself and love myself even more. Now I’m not saying that this three statements have stopped me from feeling down, or stopped my low confidence days but they do always help my pick myself back up when the bad days do come. They help me love on myself a little more. Even an outfit can give you a little self-love pick me up. This jumpsuit also helped me love on myself a little more. The fit is amazing, hugs my curves just right and it hows just enough skin with the off the shoulder detail. 

I challenge you to start loving on yourself more and tell yourself these three things: I AM WORTH IT! I AM ENOUGH! I AM BEAUTIFUL!

Outfit Details: 
Jumpsuit: Boohoo
Shoes: Nine West 

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