The Cool Kid

Spring is right around the corner but to be honest winter never really came if you live in the south but I’m not bitter, well actually I am little bit. Now that it’s almost spring I can’t do anything about it. When spring comes around one of the first items on my to-do list is always to clean out my closet, do a little spring cleaning. I always find items with tags on them or items that I’ve had for years and haven’t worn in years. It’s in that moment I decided whether I am going to keep the item or give it away or sale it. This year I decided to start cleaning early and lawd did I find some stuff.

This first thing I found was a black mock neck dress that I have literally only worn once. It’s almost the perfect dress though. It can be dressed up or down. No matter your style, this dress can have a place in your closet. It’s sleeveless so it’s perfect for layering in the cooler months or you can go bare armed for the summer time. With that being said I will be bringing you two different looks with the same dress.

This first look it really basic but so bomb, if you ask me. I just feel like a cool kid in this outfit. I knew that I wanted a laid back look that I could wear out shopping or out to lunch with my girls. With that in mind what better way to take a basic black dress up a notch than with a cool pair of sneakers, a jean jacket and a gold chain. The fly sunglasses just added to my cool.

Stay tuned to how I take this dress from cool kid to chic…

Outfit Details:
Dress: Target
Jacket: Thrifted
Shoes: Adidas
Chain: Target

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