Treat Yourself

Another year and still no Valentine. Your girl is still single and ready to mingle. But it’s all good, just means it’s just another year that I am able to love on myself some more. Every year I dream about having a Valentine and what it would like to get the chocolates, flowers or a surprise weekend getaway with bae but then I remember everything bae could do I can do for myself too. Here are a few options of what to do if you are baeless to love on yourself a little more this Valentines:

  1. Take yourself out on a nice date. I have done this a number of times. Two years ago I went out on V-Day night and had dinner surrounded by couples.  If you don’t want to go out dinner at night maybe try taking yourself to lunch at your favorite restaurant or out to a midday movie.
  2. Buy yourself something nice. Those shoes you wanted, that purse you’ve been eyeing, or that watch that you want. I have been wanting to buy myself some new Beats by Dre so I decided that for my V-Day gift I would get myself a nice pair of wireless ones.
  3.  Have a staycation. Book yourself a hotel room in your city where you live and explore the city like you never have. Try a new restaurant, take a tour, or visit a museum you’ve never been to. You could even stay in the hotel and visit the spa and order room service.  
  4. If you really feeling good and can manage it I would even suggest taking a weekend trip. Doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy but maybe take a 3 or 4 hour road trip to the nearest city that you have haven’t visited or your favorite city. Put yourself up in a nice hotel and just enjoy that city.
These are just a few of the ways (3 out of 4 which I have done myself on the international day of love) to celebrate you being the amazing woman or man that you are. This year not only do I plan on picking up the Beats but I always treated myself to these badass thigh high boots from Fashion to Figure and a nice new dress to match. Show yourself some love this Valentine Day and know that your bae is out there somewhere and when he or she finds you, you will be use to being loved because you love yourself.

Dress: Fashion to Figure (Sold Out)
Boots: Fashion to Figure (Here - On Sale)

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